A West Ashley couple was arrested after police said they were spotted inhaling computer duster canisters at a downtown Charleston hotel Tuesday night.

Allan Riley Holmes Jr., 34, and Katharine Lyon Holmes, 30, both of Chadwick Drive were charged with use of aromatic hydrocarbons.

Police said they were spotted inhaling canisters in the foyer of the Mills House Inn on Meeting Street about 8 p.m. Tuesday. Guests walking on the sidewalk outside the hotel could see the couple through a window apparently huffing, and a police officer observed them inhaling canisters of Blow Off Computer Duster, according to the incident report. The two were hunched over a table breathing erratically and laughing when an officer arrived, and two canisters were confiscated from them, according to the report.

Allan Holmes had a bandage on his forehead and had been involved in a wreck before they were arrested, according to the report. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation before he was booked into the Charleston County jail.

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