The first thing the new director for the Center for Women noticed when she took office last September is that most people didn't really know what it was all about.

That's about to change, according to Executive Director Amy Brennan. She laid out a new vision for about 200 supporters Thursday night.

"I found out that there was this passion in people's hearts for the Center for Women, but people really didn't know what we did," Brennan said. "There just wasn't anything people could really articulate."

Brennan, former development director for The Citadel Foundation, said she spent the first several months in her new position meeting with board members and supporters to figure out the best way to communicate what the center has to offer.

That vision was communicated Thursday at a rededication party at the Lighthouse on the Creek restaurant in Mount Pleasant.

A new fact sheet communicates it this way: "The mission of the Center for Women is to advocate and educate so that women in South Carolina have economic success and are leaders in their professional, community and personal lives. Through grant funding from the Small Business Association, we serve women across the state interested in business and entrepreneurship."

Brennan simplified it even further: "Connect for Success!"

The slogan is under a new logo that was unveiled Thursday. The logo is a purple circle and a blue square, representing diversity and inclusion.

The center will continue to offer programs for women but also wants to bring more men into the network, Brennan said.

"It's our relationships with one another that make us successful," she said.

In other changes, Lowcountry Women with Wings, one of the Center's programs, will expand its focus beyond women with ovarian cancer to all kinds of health issues, including fertility.

A North Area program site is also in the works, to supplement the Center at 129 Cannon St. and the West Ashley and Mount Pleasant locations.

A new website is at

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