An Ashley Ridge High School student accused of punching a teacher in the face Monday told Dorchester County sheriff's deputies the woman called him a monkey.

Marcus Allen Goodwine, 18, of Amber Lane in Ridgeville, was charged with third-degree assault as a result of the fight, sheriff's deputies said.

A deputy who was providing security at the school reported seeing a teacher and two students holding Goodwine shortly after the punch was thrown.

Goodwine appeared upset and in a rage after striking the 45-year-old woman, the deputy said in an incident report released today.

Goodwine was placed in handcuffs for safety reasons, deputies said. He began to calm down after being allowed to see his mother, who works at the school.

Goodwine, who is black, told deputies that he had been sitting at his lunch table when the teacher approached him and called him a monkey. The comment made him mad, he reported to authorities, and he hit the teacher, who is a white woman.

The teacher told deputies a different version of events, alleging that it was Goodwine who repeatedly called her an "orangutan (expletive)." She approached the teen to ask why he was calling her names. The teen then punched her in the face, so she "went after him," the report stated.

Goodwine received multiple scratches to his face, deputies said.

The teacher had to receive several stitches as a result of the assault, Dorchester District 2 spokeswoman Pat Raynor said.

Goodwine was arrested and held at the Dorchester County jail, according to the report.

He will also face disciplinary proceedings with the district, Raynor said.

District officials continue to investigate the incident, she said.

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