Right man for the job

Glenn McConnell is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished of South Carolina's current political leaders.

He has as been very much a statesman, working with, and respected by, both sides of the aisle.

Some academics apparently want an academic as a college president.

But today's college president is not just an academic leader - he or she is greatly concerned with obtaining the alumni, financial, and, if a public institution, the legislative and political support which a modern college or university must have.

Lt. Gov. McConnell has both the connections and the respect of many powerful people around the state necessary to garner support for the college.

Academics desire an academic president for many reasons, I am sure.

But at colleges and universities nationwide, there has been a continuing push by faculty for more and more control of what goes on in the academe.

Results have not been good. Trash courses and majors have sprouted up all over, and the stiffer academic requirements of yesteryear have been diluted many places.

Instead, what we are seeing is that more and more college students are being steered into courses about various "isms" and courses that are pushing various politically correct doctrines.

The late French Prime Minister Georges Clemeneau is supposed to have said something like this: "War is too serious a matter to entrust to the military men."

Similarly, the education of our young people is too serious a matter to be left entirely to academics, whose interests may be counter to a full and whole education of our college students.

Not only will Lt. Gov. McConnell bring to the College of Charleston presidency contacts, common sense, diplomatic skills and vast experience, but having spent many years in S.C. politics - agreed by all to be a contact sport - he will not be easily intimidated or stampeded by any academics trying to push favored causes or positions.

Terry L. Walker

Attorney at Law

Thornton Drive


'Puppet on a string'

What will a wink, a pat on the back and a handshake get you in a back room at the Statehouse in Columbia?

Answer: A puppet on a string as the president of the College of Charleston.

Hugh Hubbard

Cooper Store Road


A gentleman and a scholar

Glenn McConnell is a distinguished alumnus of the College of Charleston. He has given his life to the service of the people of South Carolina. He is, by far, the most respected person in state government. He is an authentic Southern gentleman. The mud that has been slung at him reflects poorly on the people who slung the mud.

R.J. Cain

Earlwood Drive


Predetermined outcome

Seriously, does anyone believe that Glenn McConnell would have planned to leave the prestigious lieutenant governor position if he hadn't already known he had a lock on the lucrative College of Charleston presidency?

It appears the good ol' boys network is alive and well in Charleston. If I were a student at the College of Charleston, I'd ask for a refund and enroll at another school.

Carl Nandrasy

Olympic Lane

Mount Pleasant

Thoroughly qualified

I am blessed to have numerous graduates of the College of Charleston in my family. I am proud that its Board of Trustees made the courageous and correct choice of Glenn McConnell as the next president.

McConnell has a track record for leadership that spans decades.

Bob Whatley

Wayfarer Lane