North Charleston police officers got little early information from witnesses to help them find the person who shot four people inside a Dorchester Road nightclub, according to an incident report released Monday.

The North Charleston Police Department responded about 1:35 a.m. Saturday to a call about shots fired inside Club Camouflage at 7550 Dorchester Road.

The officers stopped customers from leaving. Two of the victims were still there.

Outside, Jamon Matthews, 32, of North Charleston was suffering a gunshot wound in his upper leg.

Eric Johnson, 23, of North Charleston was still inside the club. He also had been shot in the upper leg.

On the bar countertop, the police found a .380-caliber pistol. Shell casings and a gun magazine were nearby.

They later learned that another victim, Elton Weiters, 32, of North Charleston, had been dropped off at Roper St. Francis Hospital in West Ashley, then taken to Medical University Hospital. He had been shot in the left side and in an arm.

Weiters first told the police that he had been shot on Dorchester Road, then said he had been hit in the Dorchester-Waylyn community, according to the report.

Officers also stopped a car traveling at high speed through that neighborhood. Inside, they said, the officers found Tyrell Smith, 20, of North Charleston, who had been shot. The report does not provide details about where he had been hit.

Witnesses told patrol officers that they didn't get a good look at any suspects. They provided generic descriptions and said two men might have been responsible for the three to seven gunshots they heard, according to the report.

A police spokesman had said in an earlier statement that the shots were fired when club security workers tried to break up a fight between two people.

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