Ukraine invasion

Many say Obama is powerless regarding the invasion of Ukraine, but I say WWRRD - what would Ronald Reagan do?

First, you issue an open invitation to the media, all the Eastern Bloc countries and the whole world to attend an emergency parliamentary session within seven days to vote to join NATO.

Hold an emergency session of NATO members and agree to allow the Eastern Bloc countries that want to join to do so within 120 days. This way Putin cannot claim we invaded those countries.

If the NATO countries do not agree, we go to Plan B and establish a sister organization to NATO and call it EETO for Eastern European Treaty Organization fashioned much the same way as NATO.

While this may not fix the current situation in Ukraine, it would surely slow or stop future Putin advances and exact a cost for his current one.

Tim Peyton

Deercreek Road

Mount Pleasant

Allergy relief

Thanks to David Quick, for a rather original and responsibly researched March 18 article about nasal spray "OTC nasal sprays touted for allergies."

Coming off three weeks of greater-than-usual spring respiratory distress I found my hopes taking wing, as well as my faith in The Post and Courier.

More on nasal spray and respiratory ailments, please. Make next year a little easier for us all.

Philip Snead

North Edgewater Drive


Damaging trust

I have often read articles in this paper regarding claims of police harassment against minorities. My reaction has been sympathetic for the most part, but at the same time there always was an element of understanding for the difficulty and danger of police work. An incident that happened to me last week has changed my perspective.

On March 12, while driving home on Highway 174 with my wife and two out-of-town friends, we narrowly escaped being hit head-on by a truck that crossed the double lines into our lane. It happened so fast that I was forced off the road.

As I carefully moved back into traffic, a deputy who was following directly behind me for the past several miles put on his lights and pulled us over. We mistakenly assumed that he was checking on our well-being when he asked for my license, registration and insurance. His intention was to ticket me for "leaving the roadway." He also claimed that he thought that I was driving too slowly at 45 mph, even though he couldn't tell us the actual posted speed limit.

We carefully explained what happened and when we expressed our disbelief that he didn't go after the driver who almost killed us, he claimed that he didn't see the truck. Furthermore, he stated that he couldn't take my word for what happened.

There were four of us, all senior citizens, driving within the speed limit, with no identified impairment on a midday pleasure ride in the Lowcountry.

But the officer was not finished. He then asked for my wife's and our friends' drivers licenses. Twenty minutes passed, and he finally returned to the car, gave me a warning citation and let us go.

His demeanor made us all feel powerless to question him. Other than giving us a tough time, what purpose does it serve to check the passengers' licenses? Is this a required procedure?

Police work is hard and dangerous, but officers like this one destroy the public's trust and undermine Sheriff Cannon's efforts to improve his department.

While some will view this incident as a mild inconvenience, it will make me read police harassment stories much more carefully.

Stephen Degnen

Fairhope Road

Mount Pleasant

Future church

I was disappointed, but not surprised, by The Post and Courier's article "The Millennial Factor." While I agree that there are some hypocritical attitudes in Charleston, it is time for these young folks to come back. They are the future of the church, and we are not called to judge others.

We each have a personal call from God for a particular ministry. If you think you can't be used, think about C. S. Lewis who was a nonbeliever for years. Through much prayer and the Holy Spirit, he has influenced millions by his writings.

As a senior believer, I can assure you God loves you and wants you back home.

Please, pray for America.

Jack Cranwell

Gin House Court


Income credit

I moved to South Carolina about nine years ago and have been a volunteer tax preparer ever since. I am retired and of middle-income means, and I have been troubled by elderly taxpayers who are financially ignorant, thus depriving themselves of additional comfort in their golden years

The same is true of younger, hard-working, tax-paying families, trying to hold together a household on low-paying jobs.

I would like to propose a solution for the latter case. Mr. Obama's solution is to raise the minimum wage to over $10 per hour. My concern is that this will break our wage structure system and be very divisive for Congress, labor, and consumers.

A better alternative would be to raise the earned income credit (EIC) tax tables. Many individuals may not realize that the EIC is supported by both houses of Congress and pays out more than welfare.

Further, it encourages individuals to work to receive benefits (as welfare discourages work and even encourages families to split to maximize benefits).

For example, the current EIC for a family earning $23,000 is $6,000 per year; this is the equivalent of a couple working about 60 hours a week at $7.37 per hour pay from fast-food and getting an additional $1.92 from the government: thus a total of $9.35 per hour (and pay no federal taxes).

Similarly, a couple earning $40,000 per year could currently qualify for an EIC of almost $2,500 per year and pay no taxes.

The president, in his desire to help the working poor, should tweak an existing program, supported by both houses; EIC expansion would encourage individuals to work and add to the tax supportive base in the most economically efficient manner.

Sig Schildcrout

Appling Drive

Mount Pleasant

Not the same

I'm sorry to report that Bi-Lo's version of Mrs. Mac's fried chicken is nothing like the Piggly Wiggly version.

Kirky Kirkland

Magnolia Road


Red wolves

As a regional director for the National Wolfwatcher Coalition, I find your March 17 article "Wolves, chills and pythons: Next wave of Lowcountry invasive species might not play so nice" offensive and misleading.

The title gives the impression that red wolves are an invasive species in South Carolina.

Red wolves are in fact native to the Carolinas. The federal Red Wolf Recovery Program has worked diligently to restore the red wolf to the small fraction of its historic range that it now occupies.

The Red Wolf Recovery Program also works diligently to prevent hybridization with coyotes and to preserve a pure red wolf population. They have been doing this for years. Your article says nothing about their efforts.

Red wolves belong in South Carolina. Please encourage your readers to support their recovery.

Janet Hoben, MS, MBA

Peyton Avenue

Burbank, California

Deadline near

The March 17 Post and Courier shows that four million people have signed up for Obamacare and warns that March 31 is the deadline after which fines and tax penalties will be implemented.

How can the Obama administration fine Americans for not having health insurance coverage when it is responsible for the cancellation of insurance for millions of Americans?

Dianne M. Nettles

Central Avenue