A group of South Carolina prison inmates made a rap video and posted it to the Internet, a violation of prison policy.

Officials say they have identified the inmates and will deal with them after their investigation is complete.

The video was posted on worldstarhiphop.com. It shows several men, apparently inside a cell, rapping "I'm on fire, I'm fire, I'm on." The video bears the headline "South Carolina Inmates Film 1st Ever Music Video in Prison!" and goes on for about six minutes.

Inmates are not allowed to have cell phones or access to the internet.

Corrections officials did not say where the video was filmed or release the names of the inmates.

"We have identified seven inmates and are still investigating," Corrections Department spokeswoman Stephanie Givens said in an email. "SCDC is currently investigating the video. Once the investigation is complete, inmates involved will be appropriately charged."

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