Peanut butter and jelly beer

What is it?

A peanut butter and jelly beer at Edmund's Oast developed by beverage manager and brewer Cameron Read, who is committed to using local products and producing a curated beer program that marries well with the menu of chef Andy Henderson. Peanut butter and jelly draft, measuring 5.5 percent alcohol by volume, combines the quintessential flavors of childhood with an adult beverage's fermented finish.

What's the story?

Edmund's Oast isn't the first brewery to mess around with sandwich flavors: Oregon's Rogue Ales released a Voodoo Doughnut chocolate, peanut butter and banana beer that promptly received a "poor" rating from Beer Advocate's online readers. Other brewers have created peanut butter-themed ports and stouts, suggesting the roasty peanut butter tones are easier to nail than the jelly.

"I would say that's true," co-owner Scott Shor says. "The peanut butter is a little more dominant on the nose. The jelly is there, but it's primarily on the finish. The taste up front is more peanut butter-forward."

Neither the peanut butter nor the jelly result from aromatic trickery: Read adds Concord grape juice and peanut butter to the brew. "Not in the sense of a jar of peanut butter, but we use a peanut butter powder," Shor explains.

The newly opened Edmund's Oast is brewing a variety of craft brews in house. Brewer Read is utilizing filtered water, grain augers, a dedicated barrel aging room and 48 direct draw taps.

Who's buying it?

Beer geeks, beer snobs and all who value the care and precision that Edmund's Oast has committed to its beer program. These are food-centered brews that percolate flavor throughout the drinking.

Who's selling it?

Edmund's Oast at 1081 Morrison Drive, 727-1145; edmundsoast@