Arthur Lucas is the founder of Freehouse Brewery, an organic brewery that opened last year in North Charleston.

For breakfast, I cooked bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. It's brown wheat bread that my wife makes. We have a breadmaker and she makes bread once a week, once every few days. She's a former lawyer, so she's going to kill me if she gets known as a bread maker.

I had some organic coffee from Earth Fare. A lot of the stuff I eat is organic. Not everything is organic: When I do errands, I always feel so terrible going through Lowe's, I need that Skittles treat at the end. That's just a vice.

People ask about why the beer is organic, but they don't ask why I eat organic. It's interesting: The truth is I spent some time traveling around the world, doing manual labor and hitchhiking. You could see the chicken you were about to eat, and see how much closer these societies were to their food, and I kind of got into eating healthy, quality things.

I skipped lunch. It was Sunday, so I guess I had a late breakfast. But I ended up having La Pizzeria for dinner because my parents were in town. We had an onion, artichoke and mushroom pizza. First time I ever tried that one. It's an amazing pizza if you like veggies. Someone else had pepperoni.

At home, I had some coconut milk ice cream. It's better than ice cream, There are a few different brands out there now, but I like the ginger. It's like vanilla ice cream with mushy gingery cookies in there. It's pretty darn good.

Hanna Raskin