With The Citadel's spring football game set for 1 p.m. Saturday at Johnson Hagood Stadium, new coach Mike Houston said the Bulldogs "have improved steadily every day in spring practice."

"We are not where we want to be, but we are better than we were three weeks ago," he said. "We are learning how to practice, how to play physical and to play fast. And, we're learning new schemes, so we're getting there."

Here, Houston talks about the Bulldogs' offensive position groups. Later in the week, he'll go over the defense.

. Quarterback, where rising senior Aaron Miller is the starter and redshirt freshman Cam Jackson the backup.

"Aaron Miller has been dynamic," Houston said. "He's had a great spring and is everything I could have wanted coming into a new program. Very intelligent and has trimmed down his weight to about 210 and is playing faster as a result.

"Cam is developing. He's blessed with a tremendous amount of ability. With him, it's mastering the position - footwork, mechanics. He didn't get coached a ton in the fall because he was redshirted, so he's really getting a lot of coaching for the first time."

. B-backs, where sophomore Tyler Renew (5-11, 210) is back and junior Vinny Miller (5-10, 210) has moved over from slotback.

"Both have had a good spring, but they both have a big day Saturday. They both give us something a little different. Tyler is a big, bruising type of player but does have good speed. Vinny, being a slotback, has some more athleticism at times. Good battle for the starting job."

. Slotbacks, where senior Dalton Trevino injured a knee during spring practice and won't play in the spring game. Others in the mix include redshirt freshman Jonathan Dorogy, senior Jake Stenson and sophomore DeAndre Schoultz.

"Dalton is having an MRI on his knee and won't play Saturday. He had a good spring and will be okay for the season. It's just a matter of how much of the season he'll be back for.

"Dorogy has had a good spring, Jake Stenson is a veteran guy, and then Schoultz and some other guys are in the mix. We've got a couple of pretty good freshmen coming in the fall, but that position requires a lot because they line up all over the place. Sometimes it takes until midseason for them to be ready."

. Offensive line, where sophomore Ryan Bednar (6-1, 280) and redshirt sophomore Harrison Davis (6-2, 260) are battling for the center job. The rest the No. 1 line has junior Sam Frye (5-10, 270) at right guard and redshirt sophomore Kyle Weaver (6-2, 275) at left guard, and senior Victor Hill (6-2, 265) at right tackle and redshirt freshman Isaiah Pinson (6-3, 250) at left tackle.

"Victor Hill has been fantastic and is the leader of the group," Houston said. "He's kind of like Aaron as a leader, and we're very excited about him. Pinson has had a great spring for a freshman and he'll be a really good player. Davis and Bendar are in a battle at center, Frye is getting better every day and Weaver has had a good spring."

. Wide receivers, where junior Alex Glover (6-3, 235), junior Brandon Eakins (6-2, 195), sophomore Rudder Brown (6-4, 215) and sophomore Jorian Jordan (6-0, 185) are in the lead group.

"Alex Glover will be lining up all over the place," Houston said. "He can put his hand down and play a true tight end position, but at the same time he's athletic enough to line up out wide and be a mismatch for a corner. At our level, he's what a lot of pro teams have with somebody like Jimmy Graham in New Orleans - a big body who can matchup on little guys.

"Eakins has a good spring, but we're challenging him to be more. God has blessed with a ton of talent; same with Rudder Brown. Jordan has been dinged up and missed some time, but he was back at practice (Tuesday).