Bad weather last month may have curbed the earnings for downtown Charleston hotels, but lodging in many other areas of Charleston county were booked even more than last February.

The monthly occupancy report for local hotels prepared by the College of Charleston Office of Tourism Analysis found that hotels were about 69 percent occupied in February, which was nearly 7 percent stronger than February of 2013.

"Despite the challenge of unseasonably cold and wet weather, Charleston County hotels still managed to greatly exceed last February's performance by selling approximately 19,790 more room nights," said Perrin Lawson, deputy director of the Charleston Area Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Hotels in the downtown area, however, were the only ones in the county to report a decrease in occupancy. Downtown hotels were 73 percent occupied last month. While that was the best performance of any other hotel market in the county, it was still a decline of about 3.3 percent compared to last February.

"Despite leading all submarkets in total occupancy, the peninsula was the only submarket to experience a decrease in in this metric compared to the prior year. This was primarily a result of group business cancellations during the two ice storms," Lawson said.

Hotels in North Charleston booked 17.2 percent more rooms than last year, while West Ashley booked 8.5 percent more rooms and Mount Pleasant booked 4.9 percent more rooms.

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