A man who told investigators he was wounded Tuesday in a shooting on Charleston's East Side actually shot himself, police determined.

Authorities were notified about the shooting at 9:20 a.m., according to officials with Charleston County's Consolidated Dispatch Center.

A man ran into Mary's Sweet Shop, 62 America St., with a bloodied T-shirt wrapped around his hand, store owner Joseph Watson said.

"He ran in and said 'Call the EMS for me. Call the police, I've been shot,'" Watson said.

According to Watson, the wounded man alleged that someone dressed in all black had pulled a gun on him. He grabbed the barrel of the gun, the wounded man told Watson, and his attacker pulled the trigger.

"I was totally shocked. This entire block has been quiet for a while," Watson said, adding he did not hear a gunshot before the man ran into his store.

Charleston police were told that the shot was fired at the corner of America and Amherst streets. A small crowd of onlookers gathered at the intersection while investigators combed the area for clues, but investigators did not find any shell casings in the area, police spokesman Charles Francis said.

The wounded man later admitted to police that he accidentally shot himself, Francis said.