A substitute teacher who is also Charleston police officer faces charges after shoving a student who would not listen to his directions, according to police.

Brandon Moses, 25, will be charged with third-degree assault and battery, North Charleston Police Deputy Chief Scott Deckard said.

The confrontation between Moses and the 14-year-old student took place Friday afternoon at Daniel Jenkins Creative Learning Center, according to the incident report. It was captured on video camera.

Moses said the student ignored several requests to give him a basketball the student was holding after a physical education class and instead threw it to another student, according to the report.

The assistant principal told police she saw the student go out in the hall and pick up a wet floor sign. The student said he was going to use it against Moses because the teacher had no right to get in his face, according to the report. An officer explained to the student that it was against the law to threaten the teacher.

Moses was scheduled to surrender to North Charleston police Wednesday morning, Deckard said.