MOUNT PLEASANT - Several dozen residents living on or near May Lane appeared before Town Council Tuesday to object to a gun shop that plans to open there, but town officials said their hands are tied.

"We did not vote to bring anyone into anyone's neighborhood," Mayor Linda Page said. "That being said, businesses that are properly zoned can move forward."

Several speakers implied the town had granted permission for the shop to open in an abandoned warehouse between Coleman Boulevard and the dead-end street, and they didn't like it.

Old Village resident Walter Brown Jr. presented a petition with 339 names in objection.

"Would you allow a gun shop in your neighborhood beside your house? If you answer is no, then I ask why you would allow this next to your constituents?" he asked. "Please reconsider."

Councilman Chris Nickels told residents he could feel their pain.

"If I lived in that neighborhood and I heard there was a gun shop opening down the street, I would be having a fit myself," he said. "I don't begrudge you guys for having real concerns about that."

Page said residents could form a delegation to meet with the gun shop owner, who either wasn't present or didn't speak at Tuesday's meeting. She also said they could push for a broader zoning changes that would further restrict where guns, tattoos and e-cigarettes can be sold. "We can talk about a further ordinance in the future," she said. "(But) that's very far reaching."

No council member suggested pursuing such revisions Tuesday, but things could change as the new gun store at May Lane comes closer to opening.

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