Ben Moise spent 24 years as a conservation officer, protecting the South Carolina coast from scoundrels who showed little regard for the state's fishing and hunting rules. But the outdoorsman and writer is best known to many Charlestonians as an oyster cook: When the General Assembly last year adopted a resolution congratulating Moise on his 70th birthday, it took admiring note of his catering "oyster roasts and Frogmore stews across the State and beyond."

This Saturday, Moise is putting on his very last oyster roast. After three decades, the former warden is retiring from the oyster roast business so he can focus on writing projects.

Moise's colleague John LaRoche is taking over the operation after The Bank of South Carolina gig.

"If you are standing up and cooking and eating with your fingers, you've got to be having a good time," Moise told The Post and Courier a few years ago, explaining why he'd made oyster roasting his livelihood.

He hasn't ruled out con-tinuing to roast oysters for fun.