What is it?

Rooster's Vengeance is a reposado tequila-based cocktail that includes the heat of Tabasco and the spicy complexity of smoked cinnamon syrup. The use of spices in cocktails reflects a growing trend as the modern bartender looks to pantry ingredients to enhance the flavors of a drink.

What's the story?

Espolon Reposado takes its name from the spur - espolon - of the rooster. The agave plants are harvested in Jalisco, Mexico, home of the best blue agave, cooked for 18-20 hours and distilled into a premium tequila. A "reposado" tequila is rested or aged in oak barrels for at least two months but less than 12 months.

Who's buying it?

James Groetzinger, owner and bar manager of The Warehouse, reports that fans of this drink are those who aren't "scared of some heat and smoke in their cocktail, but also enjoys subtle sweetness and sour" flavors.

Who's selling it?

Rooster's Vengeance is available at The Warehouse at 45 Spring St. for $8. Reposado tequila is available locally at bars and spirit shops around town.


"This drink is insane; It's my favorite cocktail right now, hands down." - James Groetzinger