MONTGOMERY, Ala. - A Huntsville legislator says he's working on changes to his bill allowing an extract from marijuana to be used to treat children's seizures from epilepsy.

Republican Sen. Paul Sanford says he will join other advocates to announce the changes Tuesday and he hopes it will improve the bill's chance of passing.

Sanford's bill was on the Senate's work agenda Thursday, but the Senate broke for the weekend without getting to it. Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh says he expects it to be back on the work agenda on Tuesday.

Sanford's bill and similar legislation offered by Republican Rep. Mike Ball of Madison does not outright legalize the oil obtained from marijuana. Instead, it gives patients and their caretakers a justifiable defense if charged with drug possession over the oil.

The South Carolina state House of Representatives recently passed a similar bill that would carve out an exemption for a type of medical marijuana extract called Cannabidiol oil, which does not include the chemical THC.