A College of Charleston student died Sunday as a result of trauma he suffered in a snorkeling accident on Thursday.

Grant Eney, 21, a Maryland native and a junior arts management major, was spending spring break in the Florida Keys when the accident occurred.

According to a report from the Capital (Annapolis, Md.) Gazette, Eney and a friend were lobster diving off the coast of Islamorada. They put lobsters in a bag attached to Eney's wetsuit, as his father waited in a boat anchored nearby. When his friend emerged, Eney was no longer behind him. He was later spotted face down in the water, 55 feet from the shore.

The official cause of death has not been determined, but according to the story, Eney's father speculates that a shark may have grabbed the lobster bag and dragged him under the water.

Eney's older brother was killed in a motorcycle accident in Annapolis in 2011.