Presidential fitness

If I were a trustee at a college in a relatively small state where two large universities vie for state funds and my college was in the process of hiring a new president, what would I look for?

What would I think important to advance the goals of my college? Experience? Experience, in what? Experience in academics. Experience in running a body composed of diverse views. Experience in finance. Experience in bringing ideas and people together. Experience in compromise. Experience in getting a fair share of state funds.

The new president also needs additional Charleston knowledge. The president should know the Four Corners of Law. That Broad Street has nothing to do with women. That King Street was not named for Martin Luther King. That Queen Street -well, it runs east and west, but one can only go west.

The correct pronunciation of Huger and Legare streets. That SNOB is a restaurant North of Broad. That there are others South of Broad. That very few members of the Yacht Club own a yacht. That tradition is holy. That Charleston is the center of the world.

That gentlemen such as I from the sea islands prefer to enter Charleston in the warmer months via Calhoun Street. By the way, local is all the rage.

As a trustee I would say:

Let's get on with it - make a decision.

Sidi Limehouse

Rosebank Farms

Betsy Kerrison Parkway

Johns Island

Another letdown

I was hoping I'd be able to write this letter praising the Education K-12 subcommittee for putting students first; however, all I can do is express my disappointment in their failure to do so.

Twice now our leaders in Columbia have failed to vote on the common-sense, Teacher Quality bill, which would elevate the level of teaching in our schools. Anyone who's paying attention knows all too well how much our children need this.

Our students are falling behind the rest of the country and the rest of the world. But we have an opportunity to fix that. We can give our kids a chance to succeed if we ensure that every child, regardless of his Zip Code, has a quality teacher.

This bill would get us closer to that goal. It recognizes and rewards great teachers and helps other teachers improve by providing them meaningful feedback and professional development tools.

It also helps principals fairly identify those teachers who may need to transition out of our education system if they cannot improve. Our kids need more great teachers now. How long will we wait to deliver on our promise to provide all students with an equal education?

I'm disappointed that our politicians continue to put being re-elected over the needs of our children.

Teachers make a difference. This bill makes a difference. And our elected members of the House need to pass it now.

Amanda Hobson, Ed.M.

Personal Mastery Facilitator

Charleston County

School District

Winnowing Way

Mount Pleasant

Not well rounded

The proposed roundabout in front of Royall Ace Hardware, Mount Pleasant, represents a highway engineer's dream come true, but a motorist's nightmare to be.

Mayor Linda Page is right to have common-sense doubts. Will this be another "I told you so" moment?

Dennis J. Donahue Jr.

Pelican Reach

Isle of Palms

Unfair to animals

The circus is in town and with it much excitement and the promise to thrill and inspire. Ever wonder how the animals learn to do those tricks or whether they are enjoying themselves? What kind of lives do they live?

In the 21st century, these questions must be asked and facts exposed. I have seen what goes on "under the big top," and have read and researched enough to know it is no fun for the animals.

Ask if it is moral and humane to confine any animal that roams in the wild to a cage, truck or train. These animals are complex, intelligent, social beings. These are wild animals, and they belong in the wild.

Twenty-five other countries have banned using animals in shows. It's time for America to do the same. It's time to give these animals a better, more natural life in sanctuaries. No one should profit from exploiting another living being.

Lisa Scharin

Peace Avenue


Defining divide

Republicans will tell you to take responsibility for your actions. Don't drink and drive. Don't text and drive. Pay attention to your surroundings, road conditions and speed.

Democrats will tell you that you are not responsible for your actions because you do not have the power to overcome your urge to do and act as careless and reckless as you want.

We need to cut down all those trees that are causing you to drive badly or poorly.

Mark R. DeMay

Longview Road

Mount Pleasant

Batter up

This letter is meant first and foremost as an act of gratitude for the wonderful piece by Gene Sapakoff in the Feb. 27 Sports section titled, "A Home Run: Karpeles Baseball Show."

As the executive director of Charleston's Karpeles Manuscript Museum I am most appreciative of the light he has shown on our building and the current exhibit. We welcome all to come see what we have on baseball, and much more. As a historian, I must, however, offer a few minor corrections.

The congregation of St. James Methodist Church dates from 1797. The building, which they had to abandon after Hurricane Hugo, was constructed in 1856. It is indeed a beautiful replica of an ancient Roman temple.

And, alas, I am not a doctor. I have two masters degrees and much more education towards a doctorate, but not the latter degree.

Stephen J. White Sr.

Executive Director

Karpeles Manuscript Museum

Spring Street