What 'reality'?

There has been much attention given to the recent airing of the reality show, "Southern Charm," which is filmed here in Charleston and supposedly portrays the lifestyle of the elite from the south of Broad crowd. From what I have read, the overwhelming opinion is that this show is a travesty and a tasteless representation of this glorious city.

Why must these types of programs target negative behaviors?

Do production companies believe our lives are so boring and mundane that we need to watch this trifling display of nonsense and arrogance?

Where is the reality show about my son, with autism, who struggles each day with real obstacles to get a college education?

Where is the story centered around the people in his life - his teachers, classmates, friends - who, despite his disabilities, work with him and support him?

Where is the show about Rep. Wendell Gilliard helping the homeless find shelter?

Where are the shows about real people of Charleston and the Lowcountry, people who are helping people on a daily basis?

Where are those reality shows?

Clearly, they are not the ones we see in this drivel called "Southern Charm."

Angela C. Simmons

South Live Oak Drive

Moncks Corner

A sad spinoff

It's "Honey Boo-Boo" in seersucker.

Tom Doyle

Godfrey Park Place


Make it stop

To stop further embarrassment of this great and formally genteel city and of a wonderful local family, maybe a petition to the FCC (that would surely be signed by a majority of the populace) could result in a cease-and- desist order on the airing of "Southern Charm(less)."

Lawton K. Grimball

Meeting Street Road