Berkeley County sheriff's deputies will meet next week with state agents and Horry County investigators to discuss the disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis and whether there's anything they can do to assist the investigation, authorities said.

To offer tips

Anyone with information about the Heather Elvis case can call Horry

County police at 843-915-TIPS.

While accused murderer Sidney St. Clair Moorer, 38, formerly of Summerville, sits in an Horry County jail pending charges that he and his wife killed Elvis and hindered a subsequent investigation, his family members in Summerville remain tight-lipped about the accusations against him.

Horry County police charged Sidney Moorer and his wife Tammy Lorinda Moorer, 41, with murder, kidnapping, two counts of indecent exposure and obstruction of justice in connection with the missing woman's death.

Details surrounding Elvis' disappearance are still vague, nearly three months after she was last known to be alive. Her body had yet to be found Friday.

Elvis' family members have been consistently vocal throughout the ordeal, maintaining a Facebook page with updates on the investigation and pleading for the community to produce tips that could help locate Elvis' remains.

Remarks from those connected to the accused suspects, however, have been few.

In a phone call, Sidney Moorer's father, Larry Moorer, of Summerville, declined to comment on the charges against his son. He went on to say he believed his family had been lied to by law enforcement. He did not elaborate on what he thought he was lied to about, deferring all further comment to his son's attorney, Kirk Truslow.

Truslow said that his client maintains his innocence. He could not offer an explanation why authorities would link Sidney Moorer to Elvis' death.

"Honestly, at this point, I have no idea other than they knew each other. I've not been privy to what they believed to be the evidence," he said.

Truslow said the few details that were made available to him left him "perplexed" as to why his client would be named a suspect. He would not elaborate on those details.

"I'm not even sure that you can classify it as evidence. It's more of a theory that they just ran with from the very beginning," Truslow said.

According to Truslow, Sidney Moorer was surprised when an investigation resulted in a murder charge, but he remains in good spirits.

"He knows he didn't do anything wrong. Having said that, no one likes to be locked up in jail without a bond," Truslow said.

Sidney Moorer's brother and sister-in-law, also of Summerville, did not return phone calls from The Post and Courier.

When asked if a search for Elvis' body had extended into Sidney Moorer's native Berkeley County, Berkeley County Capt. Rick Ollic said Horry County investigators had not requested to search the area. Ollic said he will meet with State Law Enforcement Division agents and Horry County investigators next week to see if there's anything the Sheriff's Office can do to assist in the investigation.

Sidney and Tammy Moorer remained jailed Friday pending a bond hearing scheduled for the week of March 17, Horry County police Lt. Robert Kegler said. Tammy Moorer was moved last month to the Georgetown County jail for her safety, authorities said.

Officials have not released many details about what prompted the charges against the Moorers.

Arrest warrants stated that the couple "did unlawfully, without just or sufficient cause, murder Heather Elvis with malice forethought." The warrants did not state how Elvis' was killed.

An investigation by the Horry County Police Department's Major Crime's Unit ensued after her vehicle was found parked at Peachtree Boat Landing on Dec. 19, Kegler said.

Authorities searched Sidney and Tammy Moorer's home on Feb. 21. Both were taken into custody and charged with obstruction of justice and indecent exposure.

Murder and kidnapping charges followed later that month.

According to a Sun News report, authorities returned to the boat landing on Feb. 28 to conduct a forensic reenactment analyzing the conditions under which Elvis was allegedly kidnapped and killed.

"Today we are working with equipment at the boat landing to determine possible tidal flows and patterns that may assist in recovery of evidence,'' Kegler told The Sun News during the reenactment. "We do have divers present to perform grid searches and evidence recovery as appropriate."

Authorities released few details about the follow-up at the boat landing, The Sun News reported.

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