Everything about the Wando basketball team is young and precocious. This high-level success is all so new. In some cases, a diaper bag is required.

Head coach David Eaton, though in his eighth year as head coach, is only 32 (but looks 22). Eaton's wife Brandi had the couple's first child, daughter Tensley, just before the season started.

Wando is loaded with talent in the junior class.

Jamez Rogers, a 6-5 sophomore, is the Warriors' top college prospect.

Friday night's clash with Hillcrest (Simpsonville) at Columbia's Colonial Life Arena is Wando's very first trip to a state championship basketball game.

But "old man" Andrew Glover, Wando's senior captain, is making sure the newness is met with maximum effort - on the court, in the streets of Mount Pleasant, in the stands Friday night.

"It's so exciting," said Glover, a 6-3 guard. "The fact that we've never been here before just makes it cool. It's senior year for me. We couldn't have asked for anything better.

"We've been getting a lot of love from around the city and around the school. Everyone says they're coming up to Columbia. I can't wait."

Glover isn't waiting. He's busy recruiting fans for Friday night, hoping to take some of Wando's homecourt "Chop House" noise to Colonial Life Arena.

"I've been talking to a lot of people," Glover said.

Wando graduates.


Current students.

"I've also been talking to people that normally don't come to our games," Glover said. "I've been talking to students at South Carolina. I've been talking to kids at Clemson who are planning to come to South Carolina to cheer us on. We should have a pretty good turnout."

Pegram and Behrens

The Wando team is a swirling mesh of complementary parts. Rogers and junior Amp Moore are hard to stop. Junior post player Matthew Pegram is 6-9 plus a few centimeters, and keeps growing.

"Matthew has a lot of basketball IQ," Eaton said. "A lot of guys get big and they get goofy, but he gets better at basketball every year. That's because of his hard work."

Junior Taylor Majewski's skill set includes shooting. Junior Jack Delongchamps, Eaton said, "is instant energy." Junior Devin Morrow does a little bit of everything.

Sophomore Trevor Behrens is a rising star. As a wide receiver, he scored two touchdowns against mighty Goose Creek last fall.

It's up to Glover and fellow senior leaders Tyler Kimbrell and Alex Terrell to keep these upstarts on track.

"Basketball-wise, Andrew goes hard and his work ethic is unbelievable," Eaton said, "so all the other guys follow. Other than that, he's just a great guy off campus also. Like, he's in guitar class."

Glover spent much of Monday night knocking on Mount Pleasant doors to collect T-shirts for Goodwill as part of a Young Life project.

"He's friends with athletes and non-athletes," Eaton said. "He's just a well-liked guy. He's a winner."

Athletic bloodline

Glover has a sports bloodline few high school basketball players can match. His father, Cregg, played college basketball at Radford. His mother, Alexis, played volleyball at South Carolina and is Wando's volleyball coach - the winningest volleyball coach in state history. His sister, Christina, played volleyball at South Carolina and is a graduate assistant coach at Mercer University. His brother, Alex, is a tight end at The Citadel.

While Eaton, a former Wofford College player, said his career plans only involve "being here and staying somewhere for a long time," Glover's basketball future is undecided. He wants to play in college but isn't sure whether to accept an NCAA Division II or III scholarship, walk on at a Division I school or attend prep school.

College can wait. Andrew Glover is busy preparing for a state championship game and constructing a portable Chop House.

"It's the biggest week in school history," the captain said. "It's been a lot of hard work, but it's totally worth it."

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