The wait soon will be over for Charleston County residents eagerly awaiting their large blue roll carts for Charleston County's popular "All-In-One" recycling program.

The remaining nearly 35,000 homes will receive their carts, and can begin "single-stream" recycling by early June, said Carolyn Carusos, the county's recycling program manager. The program, which allows residents to mix all of their recyclables in one large bin instead of separating them, has increased both the number of residents who recycle and the amount they put out on the curb every other week, county officials have said.

Carusos said 77,000 residents currently are part of the program.

About 10,000 residents in neighborhoods on James Island and in North Charleston will receive their carts between March 20 and April 4.

The remaining 25,000 residents in neighborhoods throughout the county will receive their carts between May 5 and May 30. Some of those neighborhoods are located in Mount Pleasant, Ladson and the Town of Hollywood.

Mitch Kessler, the county's solid waste consultant, said now, about 60 percent of county residents regularly recycle. That's up from 35 percent from a few years ago, before the county started gradually increasing the number of residents in the "All-In-One" program.

He also said that Sonoco, a new company that began running the county's recycling center a few months ago, is doing a good job and processing more recyclables. That is helping the "All-In-One" program to grow.

Art Braswell, the county's solid waste director, said Sonoco this week started running a second shift at the county's Romney Street recycling facility.

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