One of the weekend's most talked-about culinary events has nothing to do with the Wine + Food Festival: Eva Keilty, the former Warehouse chef who made a national splash with her willfully kitschy menu, is doing a soft opening at The Palace Hotel on Hanover Street.

"What I'm going for is funky, cool, ethnic kaleidoscope street food," says Keilty, who cites Japadog in Vancouver, British Columbia, as an inspiration.

By Keilty's admission, "no one knew" about the project until chatter picked up on Monday, followed by an Eater post Tuesday morning. While construction has mostly been hidden from view, Keilty describes the look of the room and adjoining patio as "very cool L.A. dive bar."

Although the 40-foot-long space isn't roomy enough for Keilty's crew to make their own hot dogs to top with pickled Indian vegetables, it accommodates table seating and a bar. The cocktail program will feature drinks prepared according to various era's standards, so patrons can taste an 1890s old fashioned alongside its modern counterpart.

The Palace Hotel at 35 Hanover St. will open sometime next week with dinner service, adding lunch in coming weeks.

In addition to hot dogs, the menu features locally sourced soups and salads.