If meeting chefs is on your festival to-do list, here's what Mike Lata, the celebrated chef-owner of FIG and The Ordinary restaurants, suggests.

1. Introduce yourself by offering us a cold beer. Even if we don't want it, the gesture alone would make you a stand out. And in the worst case, you are drinking an extra beer.

2. Be confident. We like to meet nice people and chat- ting with folks is part of doing the festival ... but please make it quick because we have a lot of people we want to chat with, too.

3. If we are sitting alone or walking alone, it is probably because we want to be alone. To collect ourselves.

4. Please do not refer to yourself or your spouse/partner as a "gourmet chef." The conversation will become very painful for us after that.

5. Instead of asking us what kind of food we like to cook, ask us what we like to do outside of the kitchen. Who knows? We may have something in common.

6. If all else fails or you find yourself unprepared, an old-fashioned compliment does the trick every time.