What if?

I have one simple question. If the traffic conversion bike lane on the West Ashley bridge proves to be a monumental failure, with traffic backed-up to heaven knows where and for heaven knows how long and there are countless problems with car/cycle interactions, will the vaunted Charleston City Council and the mayor, who obviously holds the strings that lets the puppets move, reverse the decision?

Will the cycling community go along with a possible and needed "deconversion," or will we be subjected to one of those small minority civil disobedience lessons where the majority are held hostage - you know - lay your bikes on the bridge and stop traffic?

According to the paper, the council has "acted wisely," and 21 years from now, when traffic is backed up to Magnolia Plantation, the state will be convinced to replace the aging bridge. "Acted wisely"?

Seymour Rosenthal

Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant

Bike path needed

Riverland Drive needs a bike path from Maybank Highway all the way to its end at Folly Road. The county has a wonderful state park on Riverland Drive, James Island County Park. Many people come here in RVs with bicycles as their only transportation out of the park. They may believe that Riverland Drive is safe for bicycles. It is not.

Recently, driving down Riverland Drive toward Maybank Highway I encountered a family of five riding their bicycles. I believe they were from the park. They tried to be as far on the right side of the road as possible, but there was not enough room for me to pass, due to oncoming traffic.

I waited patiently behind them. They were aware of my presence and pulled off the road at the corner of Central Avenue and Riverland Drive so that I could pass them. I waved my thanks.

I would never ride my bike down Riverland Drive, as I believe it is a death trap.

Please let us construct a path so that people visiting us, as well as we citizens, can use it.

Annemarie Fox

Fenwick Hall Allee

Johns Island

'Scapegoat' tone

I am appalled at the front page of Wednesday's paper about the indictment of the Berkeley County School District communications director, Amy Kovach, a successful career woman and parent of three.

The people of Berkeley County should first thank Mrs. Kovach and her volunteers for the many hours of their own time away from their families doing what is right for education in Berkeley County. A job well done.

Secondly, all citizens in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties and the state for that matter, should rally behind Amy Kovach and anyone else made a scapegoat by this senseless use of law enforcement resources.

If we start arresting people who work in public agencies for conducting personal business on company time or spending public funds for projects that are not for personal gain, then we need to build a lot more jails and courts because we will need them.

But a good place to start is in Columbia. Don't you agree?

Robert L. Minter

Mimosa Street

North Charleston

Child poverty

A Feb. 26 report on S.C. child poverty brings pain to one's heart when thinking of the bleak future many of these children face.

Although the reported comments from participants at the gathering reflected their deep concern for these children's plight, I was amazed to find in the list of suggested remedies no mention of the need for these, and other potential welfare dependent mothers, to act responsibly and not allow themselves to be the point of conception in this irresponsible abuse of innocent life.

The fathers display an equally distressing lack of moral character.


Nicholson Street


Wrong motives

The discussions on the potential "merger" of MUSC and the College of Charleston will continue for some time. The sad thing is that the debate is being driven by politics and not thoughtful deliberations.

The state of South Carolina's Commission on Higher Education (CHE) is supposed to oversee any and all aspects of higher education.

Why is it totally absent on this issue? How could it have been totally bypassed by legislators?

I hope CHE soon gets involved, challenges the legislation and provides leadership and direction needed on this very significant issue.

Denny Ciganovic

Carmel Bay Drive

Mount Pleasant

Protect the process

Shame on the unnamed source who provided three names to The State newspaper as finalists for the College of Charleston president's position. Whoever you are, you have done the college a disservice. You have no honor.

It's time to stop the gossip and innuendo and let the board of trustees do its job.

Glen Brown

Sweet Bay Road