Over the past few months, there has been a series of meetings to discuss the development of the massive Cainhoy Plantation on Clements Ferry Road. Many of the participants of these meetings, including folks from Cainhoy, Wando, Huger, Daniel Island and Mount Pleasant, as well as citizens of the City of Charleston, have been amazed at the complete lack of planning for the roads in this area.

There are no plans in the works to widen Clements Ferry Road from Jack Primus Road to Highway 41, nor is there any plan to widen Highway 98 going to Huger or Highway 41 going into Mount Pleasant.

Any thought to what is going to happen when the new four-lane Highway 41 bridge is started in December 2014 and is completed in 2021?

What happens when you have a two-lane highway going to a four-lane bridge that exits onto a two-lane highway? The S.C. Department of Transportation is showing plans to widen Clements Ferry Road from I-526 to Jack Primus Road. This is supposedly going to begin in 2015.

The interesting thing is that this widened portion of Clements Ferry Road does not go far enough to cover the new high school and subdivisions that are planned to be open by 2017 on the south side of Clements Ferry Road.

We found out the truth concerning the depth of planning by the developer and the City of Charleston when our Berkeley County representative, Tim Callahan, said to the Charleston Planning Commission on Jan. 29 that the state of South Carolina had no money for Clements Ferry Road and that Berkeley County could do nothing further until they could see what was being built.

Matt Sloan, the developer, made a very strong argument on the Commentary Page of the Feb. 6 Post and Courier that this has not been a rushed plan but has been a process over the last 20 years.

My question to Matt Sloan and Mayor Joe Riley is: How do you plan over 20 years for a development of 9,000 acres, which will be the largest in Charleston and Berkeley counties' history, without considering the consequences of having a road system in place unable to support this massive development?

We have an overwhelming problem with traffic, not only on Clements Ferry Road but throughout Charleston and the tri-county area.

Perhaps it's time to start holding our politicians accountable and find people who understand that without the appropriate road systems we will have parking lots instead of efficient roadways

If you use any of these roads, you may want to attend the public meeting of SCDOT today from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Daniel Island Elementary School.

Henry K. Skinner

Cainhoy Village Road



Due to an editing error, the time of the SCDOT public meeting Tuesday night at Daniel Island Elementary School was incorrect. The meeting is from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.