Product recalls or recall notices announced. Details are in most cases at and websites or numbers listed.

Teething toys

Toymaker Infantino is recalling 191,000 teething toys sold exclusively at Target because a child potentially could choke on one of its parts.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said consumers should stop using the Go Gaga Squeeze & Teethe CoCo the Monkey toys. The toy is made of soft orange rubber, is shaped like a monkey and squeaks.

Infantino has received seven reports of infants choking or gagging on the monkey's tail. No injuries have been reported.

The toys were sold at Target stores from late 2012 through early 2014 for about $13.

Consumers were advised to keep the products away from infants and contact Infantino for a replacement toy. Details: 888-808-3111;

Fitbit wristbands

Wearable technology maker Fitbit has stopped sales of its $130 Force wristband and is recalling it after the fitness gear caused skin problems for some.

CEO and co-founder James Park says about 1.7 percent of users reported skin irritation. His letter was posted on the company website. go to to see it.

Fitbit says independent test results have not found problems with the battery or electrical systems and suggests that users may have had allergic reactions to nickel in the device or materials used in the strap or adhesives used to make the Force.

The Force can track steps taken, stairs climbed and calories burned. The company is offering a full refund.

Infant carriers

About 305,000 Playtex Hip Hammock infant carriers designed to strap the baby against the caregiver's body at the hip. It is made of a soft, quilted fabric and intended for babies 15 to 35 pounds. The child seat is attached with straps that wrap around the carrier's hips and shoulder. "Playtex Hip Hammock" is printed on a label sewn into the front of the carrier. All model numbers are being recalled. Model numbers 05300, 05301, 05302, 05306, 05307 and 05308 are sewn into the inside panel below the instructions for use. They were sold at Burlington Coat Factory, Target, Walmart, and other stores nationwide and online at June 2004-December 2008.

The buckles on the waist and shoulder straps can crack or break, posing a fall hazard to the child. There have been at least 87 reports of cracking or breaking, including two reports of injuries. Details: 800-522-8230;


About 145,000 HP Chromebook 11 power supply/chargers. The model number of the charger is MU15-N1052-A00S and is stamped on the face of the battery charger that has the outlet pins. They were sold October-November 2013 and included with the Chromebook 11.

The chargers can overheat and melt, posing fire and burn hazards. There have been at least nine reports of chargers overheating and melting during use. Details: 866-628-1371; and click on the Chromebook link at the top and then click on Support.

Aerosol cleaner

About 720,000 Wahl Total Care products used to clean and lubricate hair clippers, trimmers and shavers. The product was sold in 6-ounce aerosol cans. The white label on the can reads "Wahl Total Care" and "Clipper, Trimmer, Shaver." Model number 03772 is on the back of the can. They were sold from June 2009 to October 2013.

Vapors from the propellant in the product can ignite upon contact with hair clippers, posing a burn hazard to consumers. There have been at least three reports of incidents of the product igniting, including one report of minor burns. Details: 800-767-9245; at


About 225,000 Rayovac LED Industrial flashlights model ILED2AA with run times of 25 or 50 hours, Rayovac Value Bright LED plastic flashlights model BRSELED2AA-BA, and Rayovac Value Bright flashlights model BRSELED2AA-BDGDI. Several date codes are involved in the recall, and they are printed on a white sticker inside the tube. They were sold February 2012 through December 2013.

The flashlight can cause the batteries to overheat and melt the flashlight's plastic casing, posing a burn hazard. At least 12 flashlights have overheated and melted during use.

Details: 855-752-6660;;

Bicycle racks

About 4,150 Tailwind bicycle racks used for hitching children's trailer bikes to adult bicycles. The racks, sold in black or silver, have stock code numbers 939001 for black and 939002 for silver, which was printed on the original packaging. They have double side rails. "Burley" is printed on the curved back plate of the rack. They were sold November 2011-September 2013.

The top of the rack that connects children's trailer cycles to the towing bicycle can break and let the trailer cycle disconnect, posing a fall hazard. There have been at least 11 reports of racks breaking, including one report of a minor leg injury in the U.S.

Details: 800-311-5294;

Play slides

About 10,800 Solowave Tornado brand home playground tube slides with portholes. The slides are green, six or seven feet long and have three or five porthole-style plastic windows in the sides. Solowave Design is stamped on the outside near the middle of each tube slide section. They were sold at Toys R Us and other stores nationwide, and online from February 2008 through August 2013.

The plastic porthole-type windows in the slide can break, posing a laceration hazard to children. There have been at least 23 reports of minor injuries. Details: 866-678-0376;