Cainhoy Plantation

Regarding the proposed Cainhoy Plantation development, I cannot get the words "19,000 home sites" stated in the plan out of my mind. Has anyone done the arithmetic? Most homes average four people. That's almost 80,000 people. That's not a "development" but a full-sized city larger than Mount Pleasant is now and about the same size as Spartanburg.

Daniel Island has only about 1,700 people. I know the plans have passed Charleston City Council, but even if the size is cut in half, it is still too big, given the already overpopulated situation East of the Cooper

Can you imagine what will happen the next time we have to evacuate for a hurricane? Where is common sense?

Putting that many people in this particular area, one that is 60 percent lowlands and uses only two main roads (already over-stressed) is just plain irresponsible. This land was left by Guggenheim to be kept as a nature preserve. He must be doing triple flips in his grave.

Suzannah S. Miles

Kathryn Street

Mount Pleasant

Living in poverty

The Feb. 26 story titled "More S.C., tri-county kids living in poverty" shows the need for discussions about long-term solutions to poverty. Why is the correlation between out-of-wedlock birth rates and poverty not loudly addressed?

Where are the fathers? Why are parents not married? Who is teaching the next generation of men to be more than DNA providers? It is a vicious cycle.

As the family unit continues to disintegrate, poverty will rise, tax revenues will fall, government services will decrease, crime will rise, lawlessness will rule. Fix the family, and you will fix America.

Here is a short term idea. Change the law to allow folks to work and receive benefits. Benefits would be a supplement and not the primary income. By working, recipients could earn, say, $600 a month, then be provided $600 in benefits. It would be a reduction of government expenditures while allowing recipients to work.

On page two is a column about raising $3.5 million to save a rusting submarine. Why? Granted, it is private versus government money, but it seems society's values are misplaced. Rather than save a piece of metal, shouldn't we help the poor?

Government is not the solution. You cannot legislate values. Society needs to change in order to eradicate poverty.

In the near term, $3.5 million would help poor folks tremendously.

Ken Greenstreet

Green Meadows Drive


Movie 'conspiracy'

On Feb. 28 the new Christian-inspired movie the "Son of God" hit theaters. Naturally, anything Christian-based brings with it every non-Christian group you can think of to protest its release.

In this case the complaint is how the devil's character, played by Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, has a striking resemblance to President Barack Obama, and how it is some sort of disrespect and conspiracy. It's typical nonsensical rhetoric and reasoning from that side of the street; nevertheless, the character has been removed from the movie to minimize tissue usage for the fans of hope and change.

Wally Reddington, Jr.

MSgt, U.S. Air Force


Durrell Court

Goose Creek

Misleading headline

There was a very misleading headline in the Feb. 13 issue of The Post and Courier, on page B1: "S.C. college faulted for halting abuse study." The secondary headline stated, "Bob Jones University accused of 'protecting church, not the victims.' "

The article was from the New York Times News Service and concerned a consulting group hired by Bob Jones University to counsel sexually-abused students attending the university.

From the headline one was led to believe that the abuse occurred on campus. It was not until the last paragraph on page 5B that one learned that the majority of the abuse happened to the students when they were children.

I find the initial headlines misleading and biased and not worthy of The Post and Courier.

Martha Jane Soltow

Fifth Avenue

Isle of Palms

New bike lane

I read the Feb. 26 story about council passing the bike lane debacle on the Ashley River bridge.

Did council ever consider that motorists must pay to use the roads when bikers do not? We pay road tax, gas tax, auto property tax, plus license fees, auto insurance, etc.

Bike riders pay nothing, yet they get hundreds of thousands just for a study of the situation. The motoring citizens deserve some kind of assurance that there will be justice.

I would like to see the city or county post the number of riders who use the bike lanes on major highways on a daily basis. I believe it would be an eye opener.

M.P. Lawton

Tacky Point Road

Wadmalaw Island

Shore power

I wish to commend Drs. Gilbert Baldwin and Robert Ball for their well-documented case for cruise ship shore power (op-ed, Feb. 9).

One major point was, "Ongoing nearby monitoring of particulate soot and air pollution requires major resources, and it is not a priority among the SPA, S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, the City of Charleston and other organizations concerned more with jobs than public health."

What is striking to me is that DHEC seems not to be concerned with public health or the environment. To whatever extent this is true, there needs to be some explanation.

I suggest the governor conduct a nationwide search for a public health trained physician with experience to lead our state's public health and environment agency.

Moultrie D. Plowden

Wade Hampton Avenue


Don't blame boats

Don't be so quick to blame cruise ships for the black, sooty deposit on your house.

I grew up here, and as the number of cars and other motor vehicles grew so did the soot. It was a fact of life long before cruise ships started coming.

Installing filters on the ships will help, but who is going to rein in the wealthy who feel it is their right to have multiple cars per person? Or tourists who insist on driving on our streets? Or tour buses whose exhaust is visible? Or leaf blowers? Or any of the myriad other sources of pollution?

It's been a long time since we were "America's best kept secret."

C.T. Leland

Coming Street


More of Hollings

Let's have more of Ernest F. Hollings, please, with a double side order of common sense.

Peter R. Mansfield

Ashburne Lane

Mount Pleasant