Mustang Club gives back

It's evident that a lot of work goes into the car shows that take place throughout the year in the Charleston area, from registering cars to lining up trophies.

Yet not everyone knows how much effort is involved in the fundraising side of events, and that most of the proceeds head straight to local charities.

Just one example is the South Carolina Coastal Regional Mustang Club - better known as the Low Country Mustang Club.

On Feb. 25 at the club's monthly meeting, President Duane Helzer presented a $3,000 check to Rebecca Balitsaris of the American Lung Association in Charleston on behalf of "Camp Breathe Easy."

Also attending the event at Golden Corral Buffet and Grill was Ken Brinkman, the club's regional director, who organized the car show that bankrolled most of the gift.

Balitsaris in turn gave the club a "Thank You" plaque from the lung association.

Years ago, the club adopted a children's asthma camp program offered by the American Lung Association, said Ron Smith, the club treasurer.

Formerly named "Camp Puff 'n Stuff," the one-day camp opens to asthmatic children in the Charleston area ages 7-13.

"This is our 'good deed' that we feel very proud of," Smith said.

Camp Breathe Easy strives to "improve the physical condition and psychological outlook of the child with asthma; to educate the parents, children and community about asthma and how to deal with it; and to improve self-management skills," he said.

The free program includes educational classes, fun activities and a free lunch. It offer prizes and giveaways for parents and children, and the kids receive "peak flow meters" and spacers.

This year's camp will be held April 12 at Burke High School. Registrations are being accepted now.