Goose Creek High School civil engineering student Anthony Ledbetter knows where he'd like to go to college, but he's not sure how to go about getting there.

"This program will help me get my name and grades out there," said Ledbetter, a junior who would like to study engineering at Clemson or MIT.

A new program launched last week gives Ledbetter and other students in Goose Creek's STEM Academy a tool to use when looking for colleges or careers.

Charleston-based STEM Premier, a subscription-based multi-channel network that connects academic institutions, corporate partners and government agencies to students, has partnered with Goose Creek on the program.

"Goose Creek High School is emerging as a leader in the development of (science, technology, engineering and math education) and (career and technical education)," said Don Tylinski, who co-founded STEM Premier with Casey Welch. "This partnership will give their STEM Academy students the ability to be recognized for their unique talents and expose them to the STEM-related opportunities both locally and nationally."

The program, which also is co-sponsored by technology company ISHPI Inc., lets students create individual profiles online featuring achievements in STEM as well as standardized test scores, experience, videos, course work, earned certifications and more. Colleges and corporations can view student profiles and share available opportunities such as scholarships, internships and job openings.

The program was launched at Goose Creek at no cost to students.

"We have placed a major focus on our STEM and CTE curriculum and facilities to prepare our students for success in a world demanding those skills," said Goose Creek High Principal Jimmy Huskey. The program "will allow our students to build their personal brand, get their name out there and be recognized for those skills developed at GCHS."

The hope is to keep students interested in STEM and attract others to the fields, Tylinski said.

The program will expand to Summerville High School this month.

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