It seems like the latest model of some digital gadget is released on the market every other week. Buy the latest smart phone, and the next week it's eclipsed by a newer model with some futuristic novelty like face recognition software.

So perhaps that means the majority of us live one step behind the latest trends. I don't know about you, but I'm OK with that. But I'm especially satisfied with the fact that electronics retailers are rolling out big sales much more frequently just to keep up with their ever-evolving inventory.

Recently, I've been seeing some of the biggest markdowns yet on electronics that were just released last year. Here's an idea of the big deals I've been finding on the web and in stores this week.

Big TVs

This weekend is a good time to buy big TVs, according to, one of my favorite websites to find the best weekly deals. Walmart has a 60-inch Vizio Razor TV with built-in Wi-Fi for about $800, nearly $300 cheaper than its retail tag. It supports Vizio Internet applications, which means its not far from being a smart TV.

If you don't mind skipping the Internet features, you can find a high-definition RCA TV for the same size at Sears for $600, one of the cheapest prices on a 60-inch TV with quality features.


There are few things you need to think about before buying a tablet. First, consider what you'll be using it for. If it's primarily to surf the web, stream videos and plan your days with the calendar function, you really don't need any more storage than 16 Gigabytes. Anything higher than that will most likely cost extra.

Also, unless you're going to use it around town all the time, consider opting for a model that only offers Wi-Fi connectivity, which is cheaper.

At H.H. Gregg, The Galaxy Tab 3 with 8 GB is $170 and A Kindle Fire HD with 8 GB is $140.

Second-hand savings

You may be able to save extra if you shop for used or refurbished models of a gadget you're shopping for. CowBoom, a used-device dealer owned by Best Buy, is a great resource to find such products. For example, a pre-owned XBox 360 Elite is $120 on the website. Used Apple products are also well-represented on the website, with MacBook laptops priced as low as $255.

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