An online petition is asking that Sarah Elizabeth Jones, the West Columbia native and College of Charleston graduate who was killed filming a movie last week, be honored Sunday during the Academy Awards.

The petition, started by members of the film industry, had nearly 30,000 signatures late Wednesday afternoon. It will be submitted to the academy Friday morning. The Oscars include a segment honoring those in the industry who died the previous year.

"Only 27 years old, Sarah's promising life was cut short when she was struck by a train while working on a dangerous set," the petition says. "Crew members are the unsung heroes of film and television production who work long hours and sometimes very dangerous conditions for the love of filmmaking. Sarah Elizabeth Jones was one of us.

"We ask for Sarah Elizabeth Jones' love and passion for filmmaking be acknowledged on the grandest stage of all, The Academy Awards."

Jones, who lived in Atlanta, died during filming of "Midnight Rider," a biopic about rocker Gregg Allman starring William Hurt. Production on the film has been suspended because of the accident, according to industry sources including Variety magazine.

"In light of the tragic loss, we have decided to put the production of 'Midnight Rider' on hold," representatives of the production company said in a statement.

Another Variety magazine article notes that production crews have been posting tributes to Jones on a Facebook page called "Slates for Sarah." The page also includes a campaign for more safety measures on film sets.

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