MIAMI BEACH - Chef Marc Forgione undoubtedly has made his father proud, but he's also made his mother mad.

In writing his first cookbook, Forgione was loath to dumb down the creative but complex recipes from his eponymous New York restaurant. So to make sure they were challenging, but not too challenging, for the home cook, he had his mom test a handful of the recipes.

She wasn't pleased, at first.

"After the first recipe, she called me up, and she was mad at me. 'This is too hard. Home cooks can't do this. Why are you doing this to me?' She was legitimately mad," Forgione recalled during a recent interview at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

Just follow the recipes and see what happens, he told her.

"By the time she got to the fifth or sixth recipe, she called me and said, 'I can't believe it, you were right, you made me a better cook,' " he said.

The book, due out in April, is called "Marc Forgione: Recipes and Stories from the Acclaimed Chef and Restaurant."