It seems that the editor and Thomas Friedman are in agreement that Israel is the cause of the failure to establish the peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Both warn Israel of dire consequences if it does not do more to establish a peace treaty with the Palestinians. They say that the EU will begin to boycott Israeli goods if no peace is made between them, which will hurt the Israeli economy.

The editor and Friedman have it wrong. The one holding up the peace deal is Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority. He refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and he has done nothing to curb the incendiary rhetoric against Israel and the Jews, which is taught in the Palestinian schools and preached in their mosques. He has done nothing to bring the terrorist Hamas, which preaches the destruction of Israel, under control.

It may be that pressure on Israel is justified, but why not put pressure on Abbas and the Palestinians? Palestinian incitement is not condemned by John Kerry or the EU as are Israeli settlements. I have not heard Kerry or the Europeans say to the Palestinians that the United States and the EU will stop the $500 million and the 400 million Euros in welfare, given yearly, if they do not accept Israel as a Jewish state and stop the evil propaganda.

It would be a great boon if they put pressure on Hamas to stop the rockets they fire at Israel. Abbas has no control over the Palestinians in Gaza who are governed by Hamas.

Let me mention the boycott that Israel is threatened with by the EU. In my mind the Europeans are still anti-Semitic but they are not stupid. A boycott by the EU on Israel is a two-way street.

The EU is Israel's leading source of imports and second leading export destination after the United States. Fruits, vegetables and flowers from Israel grace the tables of Europe in the winter. Israeli drones protect EU troops in Afghanistan and Israeli technology protects such European icons as the Eiffel Tower, the Vatican, Buckingham Palace and many others.

Israeli intelligence has been instrumental in protecting European citizens from Muslim terrorists. Having recently discovered large natural gas fields, Israel can offer a stable energy source to the EU instead of the unstable Russian and Arab states of the Persian Gulf. Israeli technologies have helped the Europeans in medicine, computers and cell phones.

Israel's relationship with the EU is closer than commonly shown, and Israel is an enormously valuable asset to Europe.

Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East; therefore, this strategic relationship not only must be acknowledged but should continue to grow.

Morey Lipton, M.D.

Santa Elena Way

Johns Island