Elle Brewer is a senior at the College of Charleston, where she's a member of the cross-country and track teams. She is sharing her day of healthy eating with us.

At 6 a.m., I had instant oatmeal and a cup of coffee. But after morning practice, I had Greek yogurt with berries and one egg plus two egg whites. I saute kale with milk in another pan and then mix it all together. I've been on a kale kick.

I came back home for lunch and did a salad with kale, tomatoes, parmesan, cashews, edamame and turkey. Then I had dark chocolate kisses for dessert: I have to have my little daily dose.

Between lunch and dinner, I had carrots and hummus. I've been running since sixth grade, so I know the importance of balancing protein and fat and carbs.

For dinner, I had a Korean sweet potato. They're my favorite food right now. They have them at Whole Foods and the Vegetable Bin. I have one almost every day. It's like a normal sweet potato, but sweeter, and it has purple skin. I cut it up and roast it in the oven with salt and pepper and rosemary. Then I had a mahi mahi burger from Trader Joe's: They have them in the freezer section. You put it in the pan and it takes like 5 minutes. And I had brown rice and this red curry sauce from Trader Joe's. I really love cooking.

It's therapeutic, and a great way of procrastinating homework.