Why FMU?

A proposed satellite of Francis Marion University in Mount Pleasant doesn't make good sense on many levels.

First, there are many very good schools of higher learning within half an hour's drive from Mount Pleasant. These include the College of Charleston, Trident Tech, CSU and The Citadel, which has master degree courses for non-military school students.

Trident already has classes available in Mount Pleasant. But the big question beyond there being no urgent need for such a school in Mount Pleasant is the choice of FMU.

Why not a much more substantial school than FMU? If Harvard isn't interested there must be a more prestigious school in South Carolina or elsewhere to choose from.

Probably the most realistic and beneficial move would be to support and expand the Mount Pleasant Trident campus where students could obtain degrees and training in a job-producing curriculum.

Coordinating that with the main campus in North Charleston would allow an important area of advanced education to be efficiently established. Also, after obtaining an associate degree, a student can transfer to a four- year regular college. After all, they're just half an hour away.

Mel Smith

Preservation Place

Mount Pleasant

Trapping coyotes

Leg hold traps were used to catch four coyotes on Sullivan's Island. They were then shot in the head. Leg hold traps are cruel beyond words.

One was seen on a night camera showing a coyote with dark feet and tail with what appeared to be an injured left rear leg. He was limping and might have been the one that got away when the others were caught.

My father was a trapper of mink and otter for a while. If left for more than a matter of hours, some animals would chew their legs off, just to be free.

The ones my father trapped had to endure a week of pain and fear because he checked the traps only once a week. I hated it when he trapped but could not stop him.

If coyotes are to be killed, you can do better than this, people. Dart them with lethal doses of the proper drugs.

I am appalled that in this day and age a better solution cannot be found than leg hold traps. We are better than this.

Vergie DeAntonio

Linksland Road

Mount Pleasant

Times changing

This week Jason Collins became the first homosexual professional basketball player.

Michael Sam will soon be the first openly gay professional football player.

The federal government and 17 states now recognize same- sex marriage, including trend-setting states California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Even Utah. More states will follow shortly.

There will be continuing opposition to same-sex marriage from religious groups with rigid interpretations of contemporary morality. From well-meaning persons who cannot understand a changing world.

And most certainly from demagogic politicians swarming out of the woodwork to exploit people's inherent fear and misunderstanding of change.

These will be but skirmishes in a lost cause.

No matter how you may feel, make no mistake, the battles have been fought and the war is over.

As the song says, "Don't stand in the doorway, don't block up the hall ."

Richard Bennett

Winged Foot Court

Johns Island

'Let us be heard'

I am a Clemson alumnus, one of 25,000 living in the Charleston area and 70,500 in the state. I believe your newspaper is biased regarding Clemson University.

I represent a body of Clemson alumni who feel that your paper shows favoritism to the University of South Carolina.

Some recent examples: According to www. rivals.com and www.espn.com, Clemson came out above USC in the recruiting polls, and yet your headline on Feb. 7 stated "Clemson's class gets a B+," South Carolina gets an A."

Two days later, article headlines reported "Clemson wins at recruiting, Carolina wins on the field." On Tuesday, the headline stated, "S.C. edges Clemson in football attendance" (a 0.4 percent difference). These are just a few of many instances where this paper refuses to give Clemson any positive press. As a high school government teacher, I would give your paper a D-.

I have a responsibility to teach my students about all politics, not just my own personal agenda. Only then are students equipped with knowledge that enables them to make educated choices with regard to their own politics.

You have a responsibility as a major newspaper. You have a public voice that is breeding a rivalry between these schools that is unhealthy, unfair and just plain wrong.

I respectfully request that you give more consideration to your whole audience. We have a voice and a place in our state too. Let us be heard.

Paige B. Austell


Berkeley County Clemson Club

Bruton Boulevard

Moncks Corner

This letter was also signed by Matt Coakley, president, Dorchester County Clemson Club, and Walter Jenkins, past president, Charleston County Clemson Club.

Weapon permits

According to a Feb. 15 article in The Post and Courier regarding constitutional carry of a firearm, Sheriff Al Cannon feels the "current concealed-weapons permit is problematic enough for police officers who, when they find out someone has a weapon in their car after a traffic stop, struggle with how to handle the situation."

Is there a procedure in place for a traffic stop with persons who carry a firearm legally?

If there is a procedure or a law, and the driver has done nothing more than commit a traffic infraction while possessing said permit and owning/transporting a firearm legally, why is the officer struggling with the "situation"?

Is this "situation" a general distrust of the law-abiding citizens of Charleston County, or a glaring absence of protocol in dealing with firearms that are being transported well within one's rights?


Cornish Avenue

James Island