Enforce limit

I drive round trip twice weekly from Charleston to Charlotte, usually late afternoons, and have been doing so for four years. I have yet to have a tree spring into the roadway from the median on I-26.

Clear-cutting the median to I-95 would obliterate what now makes for a scenic drive, not to mention the inconvenience, pollution and expense. Better to use the money for local road projects, education or other of the many needs in the tri-county area.

As for the argument that clearing the trees now will be advantageous as the interstate will be widened eventually anyway, why not incorporate any necessary clearing (a clear-cut is debatable) into the overall project budget when and if such a decision is made?

If you have ever looked at freshly clear-cut land, that should be reason enough not to be too hasty in doing away with the look of the median today.

Woody Rash

State Street


Cause and effect

Brazil is currently in the throws of a serious drought. Global warming will be blamed, along with gas guzzlers and factories spewing out carbon and dust in the name of free enterprise.

True, but shame on Brazil.They have been denuding their land for years and years. Felling trees for firewood and lumber, clear-cutting land for sugar cane production to feed the world's sweet tooth and subsidizing their petroleum industry.

I was taught that Brazil was the lungs of the Earth, and it seems to me Brazil's lungs have cancer.

Robert Lane

Knottingham Drive

Goose Creek

Job loss

Recently The Post and Courier published liberal writer Paul Krugman, who outright lied to say that the catastrophe of the "Unaffordable" Care Act is working.

Krugman quoted Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., as saying, "Under Obamacare, millions of hard-working Americans will lose their jobs, and those who keep them will see their hours and wages reduced." Krugman said, "Not a word of this claim is true." Are you serious?

Hundreds of companies nationwide are shortening hours because of the Obamacare employer mandate.

That means real working Americans are making less money.

Investor's Business Daily has a very long list, from Burger King to Staples to Sea World, showing hours being cut to less than 30 hours a week. Other websites and articles confirm this too.

Also, according to a Jan. 13 New York Post article, the ACA will hurt twice as many people as it will help due to insurance mandates that have caused insurance companies to cancel people's policies they actually liked and could afford. Over five million Americans have seen their insurance canceled because of this government overreach.

I could go on and on with facts, but they don't matter to the left wing very much.

If the ACA was working, wouldn't the Democrats up for election be proud and use their vote for it as a running platform?

Instead, they can't run fast enough from it.

I don't understand how columnists like this keep a job. It's people like this who keep the worst president since Jimmy Carter employed.

John Murray

N. Red Maple Circle


True belief

In response to a Feb. 4 letter writer's lengthy defense of Hillary Clinton, I feel compelled to borrow William F. Buckley, Jr.'s apropos response: "I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said."

Laura S. McMaster

Palm Boulevard

Isle of Palms

Rewriting history

Two Feb. 16 stories show once again the bias of The Post and Courier when it comes to recounting our history. One piece about the new statue to would-be murderer Denmark Vesey suggested that the hateful Vesey was "justified" in his 1822 plan to murder thousands of innocent women and children here in Charleston.

Contrary to this slanted story, Vesey was no heroic figure battling for education and freedom, but was well-known in the community as a brutal and violent man obsessed with vengeance. In real life he got the monument he deserved - the hangman's scaffold.

In another story on the sesquicentennial of the daring attack by the Confederate submarine Hunley, the only soldiers mentioned for bravery were the 54th Massachusetts.

The 54th were federal land troops who had nothing to do with the Hunley, and were badly beaten seven months before in a place miles from the spot where the Hunley achieved something never before accomplished in history.

Just getting into the Hunley's tiny iron cylinder was courageous, but to propel it four miles to sea by hand, in the dark, then submerge and sink a federal warship was one of the most incredible acts of bravery in American history.

The Hunley proved for the first time that submarines could be effective weapons, thus changing military history forever.

The Post and Courier already featured sesquicentennial reports on the 54th Massachusetts' fight on Morris Island, and writers and editors were falling over themselves with tributes to the failed attack, singling out the 54th for courage and heroism despite the fact that other federal regiments in that battle suffered more killed and fewer captured.

None of the Hunley crew gave up the fight, even in the face of almost certain death, and they didn't plan their attack as vengeance against unarmed civilians as Vesey did. At the very least they deserve equally respectful acknowledgement for the courage it took in an attack that proved to be an unprecedented success.

Perhaps a day may come when The Post and Courier staff will stop taking sides in their reporting of history and offer a more factual, balanced account of our past.

Michael Trouche

Marsh Court Lane

Mount Pleasant

Affordable help

As a self-employed professional musician, my private health insurance with a major insurer in South Carolina was costing me $275 a month with a $5,000 deductible, and I'm a healthy person. This reflects three rate increases over the past nine months.

A friend told me about the South Carolina Progressive Network providing navigators for the Affordable Care Act.

I called and was advised to come the next day to the YWCA on Coming Street, one of several temporary sites within the tri-county area to reach out to South Carolinians.

I could not have been more happy and satisfied with the help I received. These are mostly people volunteering to assist others in a rather involved online marketplace. With their help, two hours later I had a number of options to consider for my health care.

S.C. Progressive Network is not in the business of endorsing any single heath care provider, nor does it make any decisions for you.

I now have a new health insurance policy that costs less than half of what I was paying in monthly premiums. Did I mention zero deductible?

Given my income, I was surprised that I was eligible for coverage. I anticipate that as my income rises I will willingly pay more for my health insurance.

The number to call for S.C. Progressive Network is 843-475-2859. My advice - don't hesitate to call.

Angie Loizides

Coming Street


Educated opinion

What educational expertise do Reps. Leon Stavrinakis and Jim Merrill have to propose a merger of these two institutions - the College of Charleston and MUSC?

Perhaps someone should suggest the House of Representatives and Senate should be combined.

Scott S. Blackmon

Cathedral Lane