Bidwell-Campbell team forms at Mount Pleasant real estate office

Two veteran agents in the Charleston area have agreed to launch a business union to help people buy and sell their homes and to oversee leases.

Don Campbell and Sheryl Bidwell, both aligned with Prudential Carolina Sun Real Estate, say they count more than 30 years' experience combined in the real estate field locally.

The Realtors this month disclosed that they've formed a partnership, describing it as a "dynamic real estate team. Our team is your team ... dedicated, loyal, professional," they say in promoting the announcement.

Bidwell and Campbell note that they "can help you sell, manage your rental, or (assist) if you are considering a home purchase."

To reach the Bidwell-Campbell Team, visit, call Bidwell at 843-452-5778 or Campbell at 843-471-1085 or email

Readers name Century 21 Properties Plus top agency in 'Flowertown'

At least according to a local newspaper's valued customers, Century 21 Properties Plus stands as the leading real estate company in Summerville.

Not only that, the results of the Summerville Journal Scene Reader's Choice awards show the agency winning for the fourth consecutive year. The honor comes as Century 21 Properties Plus continues to grow its downtown Summerville office, the brokerage says.

"Receiving this award is a great honor," says Tim Rash, broker in charge of Century 21 Properties Plus.

"I believe it is a testament to the focus and attention we commit to our clients in ensuring that they understand each and every step of the home buying and selling process," he says.

"We are committed to providing quality service and hope to continue to earn your trust and support," Rash says.

Century 21 Properties Plus has logged 17 years in the real estate business. A Lowcountry leader among Century 21 agencies, the brokerage provides advanced technology, comprehensive resources and brand recognition, it says.

The agency counts two locations, in Summerville's central business district at 118 W. Richardson Ave. and in Mount Pleasant at 3301 Salterbeck St.

Century 21 Properties Plus describes itself as full service brokerage firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate.

For more information, visit or call 843-871-2121.

First newly-built home on the Eastside in years changes hands

According to a local brokerage, the sale of a brand-new house in an underserved Charleston neighborhood is being hailed as a step toward the area's renewal.

Jason Pe with dunes properties recently sold 39 Aiken St., situated in the Eastside community of downtown Charleston. Dunes properties says the home representsthe first construction in Hampstead Village - also known as The Eastside - since 2006.

Crosstown Builders, a development and construction company, framed 39 Aiken Street, "one of many new high-end construction projects to come in 2014," dunes properties says.

Richard Crepeau and his wife, Terri, launched Crosstown Builders. They realized that redevelopment of the Eastside was vital to the social and economic growth of Charleston and decided to invest, dunes properties says.

The builder's current projects include buildings on Maple, "F," Grove, Nunan, Aiken and Drake streets. Dunes properties says that Crepeau is continually looking to expand downtown. He can be reached at 843-214-3220 or

According to dunes properties, "today's Eastside is an historic neighborhood that used to (exist) under the shadow of the old Cooper River bridges." Originally planned as Hampstead Village in 1769, the community was styled after the traditional English town model - centered on four adjacent parks known as the "commons." Historic homes dot the Eastside, making it a popular area for investors and restoration, dunes properties says.

Pe, a Realtor at The Real Estate Studio of dunes properties, lives on the Eastside and specializes in representing buyers and sellers in the neighborhood. His first-hand knowledge of the market makes him an Eastside expert. Pe can be reached at 843-532-0128 or

Dunes properties of Charleston considers itself a "boutique real estate, vacation rental and property management company." The agency has served the Charleston area since 1989 and sports offices in downtown Charleston, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms and the Kiawah/Seabrook area.

In 2007, dunes properties opened its "flagship" location at 214 King St., The Real Estate Studio. The brokerage praises the studio as "a new way for people to view area real estate, from the comfort of a couch with the ease of a custom interface on a wide-screen TV." The office resides in a "beautiful, no-pressure environment across from Charleston Place."

For more information, visit or call Liz Poore at The Real Estate Studio, 843-513-1601.

Charleston rental group to host 'Maintenance Mania'

Think about all the pieces in an apartment that keep it operating, whether toilets, water heaters, ceiling fans or deadbolt looks. Now fashion them into a car.

That's the gist of the signature competition at Maintenance Mania 2014. The Charleston Apartment Association will sponsor this year's event April 30. Participants have until the end of March to sign up.

According to the association, competitors build racecars from maintenance products and race them down a 32 foot track to see who's the winner.

The local competition is modeled after a U.S. wide event in which the most proficient can earn the title of "Maintenance Mania National Champion."

Apartment supervisors and technicians can test their skills and knowledge on maintenance-focused challenges, according to the Charleston Apartment Association.

To see the eight challenges, there's a video at

The skills tests include:

- CFG (Cleveland Faucet Group) faucet installation

- Bradford White water heater installation

- Fluidmaster duo flush toilet conversion

- Frigidaire icemaker installation

- Kidde fire and carbon monoxide safety installation

- Kwikset key control deadbolt test

- Seasons ceiling fan installation

- Motorola and Niagara Conservation race car competition, with wireless scorekeeping sponsored by RealPage.

The event will take place at Belfor Restoration, 7629 Southrail Road in North Charleston. Car check-in opens at 4:30 p.m., practice time runs 4:30- 5:30 p.m. and the competition starts at 5:30 p.m.

Admission is $25 for contestants and $35 for spectators. RSVP to by March 31.

Edisto Beach website promotes island, home sales and rentals

Touted as a "virtual trip" to Edisto Beach, the oceanside property's new online site will give the impression of an instant visit to the shore, project backers say.

"Give yourself a mini-vacation from the stress of your day. Feel the tension melt away as you soar over the sandy beaches and experience the lush beauty of South Carolina's hidden gem," says Kate Spears, media coordinator.

The Edisto site comes with an interactive, responsive design that "allows travelers to research and plan trips from any mobile device," according to the website organizers.

In January, they debuted the newly designed online site, which offers video footage among other enhancements.

"The new site for Edisto Beach puts the information visitors and residents seek right at their fingertips," says Robert Hart, project manager for the new

"Using the latest technology and tourism industry standards, we created a resource that not only captures the essence of Edisto Beach but also is a wealth of information about the latest happenings, attractions and vacation rental options," he says.

One of the features of now is a bird's-eye-view video look. According to organizers, the beach was filmed "using a high tech device similar to those Amazon Prime plans to use for its drone package delivery." The footage offers a rich virtual experience of the lush natural beauty and historic charm of Edisto Beach, they say. has gained a solid reputation as "a popular resource for consumers planning trips," the backers say. Features include booking vacation rentals and exploring more about "this quaint low country vacation destination."

They note that website visitors "can still expect to find everything they have come to love about the site, but will now find the content they seek in a streamlined

user-centric format."

According to research from HeBS Digital company, nearly half of online traffic related to travel queries comes from mobile devices, the developers say. As a result, they concluded that designing a responsive website was a top priority. The online site proves user-friendly via a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, managers say.

"With this project, our team set out to offer consumers a site they could use and access so they could view it from whatever device was convenient for their lifestyle," Hart says.

Along with's responsiveness to mobile viewing, the site was designed with a new layout and content. The "data-driven" approach permits site users to access commonly requested and popular features such as vacation rentals, up-to-date news, dining, golf and an event calendar, organizers say.

"As a non-commercial, family-friendly destination, Edisto Beach offers a unique vacation experience and it needed a website to set the tone for it," Hart says.

"South Carolina has many tourism destinations, but the experience visitors have while on Edisto is unlike any other. We wanted to build a website that would help attract visitors to this location and promote tourism and economic development for the area," he says.

According to a report from the S.C. Department of Travel and Tourism, domestic traveler spending generated $1.6 billion in tax revenue for federal, state and local governments last year and produced more than 100,000 jobs, based on 2012 figures.

For more information, visit