COLUMBIA - A University of South Carolina math professor announced Tuesday his candidacy for Superintendent of Education.

Don Jordan joins the ranks of 10 other contenders running for the seat. Republican Mick Zais, the state's current education superintendent, said in December that he would not seek re-election to the post.

Jordan is seeking the Republican nomination for the seat. He said Tuesday his decision to run was prompted by his concerns about some of the things that have been happening in education.

"I work with teachers all over the state," Jordan said. "I have a passion for education."

Jordan is an honored USC College of Arts and Sciences professor, according to his resume. He was born in Camden and has been teaching at USC since 1992.

According to the press release he used to announce his candidacy, Jordan is favor of teacher evaluations that do not assign A through F grades to teachers. He's seeking incentives for teachers to teach in poorer school districts and pay raises. He's also in favor of four-year-old kindergarten.

Unlike many who are running for the seat, Jordan believes there are parts of Common Core that are beneficial for students. He said he would aim toward keeping the good aspects of the measure, while amending the controversial parts to fit the education needs of South Carolina's students.

He also believes the ever-increasing costs of attending a higher education institution have to be addressed.

"A poor person in South Carolina right now cannot attend the University of South Carolina," Jordan said. "Somebody has to talk about that."