Flawed priority

It looks as if the S.C. Department of Transportation has the same problem with the trees on I-26 that Charlie Brown has with the kite-eating tree. It jumps out and grabs them.

I drove the new, much-needed, four-lane US 17 from I-95 to Jacksonboro recently and saw trees being planted in the median.

DOT also plans to remove the paved median crossover on US 17 in Pawleys Island, which serves us well, and replace it with a planted median with limited crossovers at a cost of about $2.5 million.

The $8 million needed for these two projects could be better spent to repair dilapidated roads and bridges.


Sims Reach Road


Sordid lesson

The Charleston County School District's Feb. 9 advertisement advised anyone interested in Common Core standards that there were informational sessions to learn more about those standards, and how they are being implemented.

To my knowledge there were no informational sessions when the sex-ed curriculum titled "Making a Difference" was being introduced by the Charleston School Board, teaching 11- and 13-year-olds how to have fun with condoms and other inappropriate sexual information.

Common Core is far less injurious and does not offend our Christian-Judeo moral standards.

Go to the middle school that has introduced the curriculum and read it for yourself, then ask, "Is this sex-ed program for 11- to 13-year-olds"?

Dennis J. Donahue Jr.

Pelican Reach

Isle of Palms

Back to basics?

The new political mantra seems to be work less and stay home more in order to have health insurance.

Sounds good to me.

However, the second part of the equation is to have fewer "things."

If the result is that it enables moms to stay home and rear a generation of children who have more respect for themselves and others and to do better in school, it's a win-win situation. But they will need to be re-educated to have fewer play toys and electronics.

Families won't be able to trade in their cars for newer ones as often, and Dad might have to forgo that new wide-screen TV or boat. Mom might have fewer new clothes, shoes, massages and manicures.

Everyone might have to give up cable TV, eat out less often, go to fewer movies, give up cell phones (gasp!) and take more stay-cations.

The children might not be able to play as many competitive sports because of the high fees and will have to play in their own neighborhood, fall down, get hurt and gang up on the local bully on their own - without lawyers.

It doesn't sound so terrible, does it?

Can we really go back to the 1950s?

S.M. Salmon

Runnymede Lane


Form new parties

I want the people of the United States to dissolve, formally, the two major political parties and form new political parties according to their various values and many beliefs.

A multi-party system, under the U.S. Constitution, would better serve the interests of my fellow citizens in this crucial juncture in my beloved country's development.


Broad Street


Church position

The Feb. 9 article "Church kicks out Scouts over possibility of gay leaders" contains a misrepresentation of the policy and practice of the Presbyterian Church in the USA (PCUSA).

Following a quotation from Will Dietrich, pastor of Peace Presbyterian Church in Goose Creek, is the sentence not in quotation marks:

"But there was concern that the Scouts would extend the policy to openly gay leadership, and that would conflict with the denomination, which does not allow openly gay leadership, he said."

Pastor Dietrich's reference was local, to Peace Presbyterian Church, not denominational, to the PCUSA.

The PCUSA has no quarrel with the Boy Scouts, and there is no standard of sexual orientation governing leadership in the PCUSA.

Hundreds of dedicated gay and lesbian Christians serve at all levels of the denomination as ministers, educators, musicians and administrators.

Peace Presbyterian Church is governed by the session - a body made up of elders elected by the congregation.

In the exercise of its authority, the session may sponsor groups or make church facilities available according to its own criteria, but the decision to dismiss the Boy Scouts isn't based on any standard or action of the PCUSA.

The Rev. Deane A. Kemper

Stated Clerk

Charleston Atlantic Presbytery

Ashley River Road


From the top

Watching the Democrats clap when, in his State of the Union address, President Obama threatened to bypass Congress was like watching clapping, windup dolls.

The "puppet master" led his dog-and-pony show with his usual expertise in blather. After watching his pathetic attempt to mesmerize the crowds again, I feel that all have missed what is really going on.

President Obama is guilty of the crime of omission. He used a few pawns to push his socialist agenda.

The manipulator in chief acknowledged one woman who lost her job.

That justified raising the minimum wage. But he of course omitted the fact that it was because of his leadership that 50 million people are now unemployed.

The next woman he mentioned had an operation under Obamacare despite having a pre-existing condition. No mention was made of the five million people who lost their health care insurance because of his plan.

When he brought up the U.S. being the top country in the solar industry, he omitted the fact that he spent millions of taxpayer dollars on companies that went bankrupt.

I am an independent voter and 100 percent disabled Marine Vietnam veteran, and I thought it was despicable that Obama used a disfigured Army sergeant to ingratiate himself as if he really cared. On two occasions he threatened veterans' compensation if Congress didn't raise the debt ceiling.

He's not honest nor is he a good leader.

He will use every dirty trick in the book to get what he wants.

Gregory J. Topliff

Glenwood Drive


Wrong word

A reporter on a national news channel described the winter storm, as it was approaching the Southeast, as a "catastrophic event."

Atlanta may have several inches of snow, the piedmont regions of North and South Carolina might be blanketed with up to six inches of snow and Boston, oh, poor Boston, may get up to 11 inches.

Pity the people in the path of this storm.

By definition a catastrophe is a "sudden and widespread disaster."

Certainly this snowstorm, when viewed in historical hindsight, will meet this definition, especially when compared with other similar events such as the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the sinking of the Titanic, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and of course more recently the election and re-election of Barack Obama.

We do indeed live in historic times.

Neil G. Whitman

Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant


The Feb. 12 letter "Oppose parole" included an incorrect email address. The correct e-mail address is Missy.Knight@ppp.sc.gov