The College of Charleston ranked 15th among medium-size colleges and universities on the Peace Corps' 2014 list of schools that are the top-producers of volunteers.

The college has 19 alumni currently volunteering worldwide. It is the only South Carolina school to make the Top Colleges national list, which was released Tuesday.

College of Charleston alumna Laura Mudge started her Peace Corps service in July 2012 in the Philippines. She is a Peace Corps Master's International Volunteer. The program combines her two years of service in coastal resource management with a master's degree in environmental science from C of C.

"So far I've been able to contribute a lot of technical assistance, such as ... hosting planning workshops and helping with the installation of our artificial reefs," Mudge said. "I think the thing I've given the most is friendship and insight into American life."

Since the first days of the Peace Corps, 223 alumni from the College of Charleston have traveled abroad to serve as volunteers.

"The same passion that launched the Peace Corps more than 50 years ago fuels progress in developing countries today thanks to the leadership and creativity that college graduates bring to their Peace Corps service," Peace Corps Acting Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet said. "The unique Peace Corps experience helps recent graduates cultivate highly sought-after skills that will launch their careers in today's global economy."