A former Rick Hendrick Chrysler sales manager is alleging he was forced to participate in a scheme to increase sales and generate higher bonuses by forging vehicle documents.

Danny Anderson is one of several people being sued in connection with the alleged scheme in which Rick Hendrick Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram on Savannah Highway acquired junk-yard car titles from Northwoods Auto Sales to use in the deals.

The lawsuit centers on three instances where dealership employees allegedly provided buyers with titles on cars from the junk yard to forge as trade-in vehicles.

The falsified trade-ins paid for deposits on cars that the low-income buyers couldn't afford, according a court document. Several of the buyers sued.

The dealership's sales increased from $1.2 million in 2010 to $5 million last year because to the scheme, according to court filings.

In a formal response to the lawsuit, Anderson alleges that a principal of the Hendrick dealership, who wasn't named in the original lawsuit, "actively instructed and required" him to obtain the junk yard titles to facilitate the sham sales.

Hendrick attorney John T. Lay said that Anderson and the "principal" named in the response were fired.