Most of the Charleston-area delegation voted for Chief Justice Jean Toal over Associate Justice Costa Pleicones in Wednesday's vote for chief justice of the S.C. Supreme Court. Here's how they voted:

Berkeley, Dorchester and Charleston county legislators

Sen. Sean Bennett - Toal

Sen. Paul G. Campbell - Toal

Sen. Larry Grooms - Toal

Sen. John W. Matthews - Toal

Sen. J. Yancey McGill - Toal

Sen. Marlon E. Kimpson - Toal

Sen. Paul Thurmond - Toal

Sen. Chip Campsen - Toal

Sen. Clementa C. Pinckney - Toal

Rep. Bill Crosby - Toal

Rep. Joseph S. Daning - Toal

Rep. Joseph H. Jefferson - Toal

Rep. James H. Merrill - Toal

Rep. Bobby Harrell - Toal

Rep. Jenny Horne - Toal

Rep. Joseph H. Jefferson - Toal

Rep. Patsy G. Knight - Toal

Rep. Chip Limehouse - Pleicones

Rep. Christopher J. Murphy - Toal

Rep. David J. Mack - Toal

Rep. J. Seth Whipper - Toal

Rep. Robert L. Brown - Toal

Rep. Stephen Goldfinch - Toal

Rep. F. Michael Sottile - Toal

Rep. Leon Stavrinakis - Toal

Sen. Raymond E. Cleary III - Pleicones

Rep. Peter M. McCoy - Pleicones

Rep. Wendell G. Gilliard - Pleicones

Rep. Edward L. Southard - Pleicones

Rep. Samuel Rivers - Pleicones