Washington is broken; the Constitution ignored.

Congress has a lower honesty/ethics in professions approval rating then car salesmen. The only group with a lower rating than our beloved Congress is the one that scratches their members' backs - lobbyists. (Gallup poll, Dec. 5-8, 2013).

How many times have you seen a good man go to Washington with hope and promise only to fall into the trap of being a career politician?

Our congressmen and women spend more time raising money for their re-election than they do fixing our country.

Whichever interest groups give them the most money for their campaign coffers, are the ones that they have to satisfy, no matter the consequence to the country or the economy.

The only thing they are good at voting for is a raise for themselves and health care plans that all Americans would die for.

Their pension plans that they voted for will keep them rich for the rest of their lives while you live paycheck to paycheck with no hope of ever retiring comfortably.

These elected officials will do everything in their power to make sure our wealth is drained by free handouts on every corner, just to get re-elected. I believe the answer to healing our country is term limits on Congress.

Everyone knows this to be true, but we still vote for the party, not the individual.

We vote for the guy who promises to give us free stuff.

We keep putting these people back in office knowing full well they are not doing the country or us any favors.

If Congress does not propose term limits on themselves - and why should they? - we the people should only vote for candidates who promise to stay in office for only two terms.

If they break that promise, then we the people should remove them.

Stand up, America. It's time for a revolution - no more career politicians.

If your congressman has been in office for more then four terms, he is already bought and paid for by special-interest and lobby groups.

If you truly care about this great country and want to do something about the mess, stand up for term limits on Congress, no matter the party. Quit complaining and do something about it. This one change in government would bring back the America we once had.

Don't hate members of Congress; they're just human.

Who wouldn't want to stay in a job like that with all the benefits?


Wharfside Street