Save the birds

Norman Brunswig is absolutely right. Those of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources and fishermen are completely wrong to recommend hunting cormorants that compete with fishermen for fish. The cormorant is a beautiful bird. Swans have a long neck and can be feisty.

Hunting is not a bad thing, but greed is. Just because the fishermen are not getting what they want, they shouldn't blame birds.

Don't get me started on trees. I agree with your readers who have noted that trees don't jump in the highway and smack a car. Speed and telephones, texting, and fiddling with gadgets do.

I feed birds. I have seven feeders in my front yard.

The squirrels have a good time, and I have learned they are a lot smarter than I am.

Just because they eat my bird seed, I'm not out to kill them.


Nelson Court


Nothing to hide

The Feb. 3 letter to the editor regarding the Harrell ethics probe accused the Berkeley County Republican Party of "shortcomings in disclosure" and stated we "appeared to have something to hide" surrounding the issue of the November 2012 Berkeley and Dorchester school bond referendums.

Quite the contrary. The Berkeley County GOP spent no money and took no official position for or against the BCSD bond referendum.

We did, however, hold a forum where both sides of the issue presented their case at the monthly meeting of the Berkeley County GOP Breakfast. The chairperson of the Yes4Schools campaign was invited and did indeed represent the campaign.

After the November elections, the BCGOP executive committee unanimously passed a resolution encouraging the attorney general to investigate the school district and its involvement in using taxpayer funds to advocate for the referendum.


Chairman, Berkeley County

Republican Party

W. Main Street

Moncks Corner

Beach protection

I would like to thank Mayor Tim Goodwin and the other staff members who worked on the Folly Beach Shore Line Protection Project.

If not for the mayor's leadership and tenacity we would still be wringing our hands and wondering what to do.

By crossing political and regional lines he was able to garner federal dollars for our project; and by working with all levels of government he was able to procure dollars from the state and county. This effort involved many days away from home, and he did it for little pay.

We all know the mayor's heart is in what is best for Folly Beach and her citizens.


Michigan Avenue

Folly Beach

Revealing lesson

Front-page coverage of Mount Pleasant public school students interviewing Rep. John Lewis was an example of public schools in Charleston and their successes.

Rep. Lewis' answers surprised them.

Being knocked down and injured was the turning point in his life of service to the state of Georgia and the nation, not meeting Dr. Martin Luther King or being elected to Congress.

The photo shows two bright and beautiful students in Rep. Lewis' office.

How many students in that Moultrie Middle School class are black?

But as Frank Wooten asked in his column in the same day's issue, who's counting?

The parade downtown honoring Dr. King was attended by a predominantly black crowd, but a few whites, too.

Finally time to mix it up a bit?

The Post and Courier is covering it all.


Shadowcreek Court


Acts of faith

A Jan. 21 letter writer wrote, "The Supreme Court has called America a Christian nation - not that all citizens would be Christians, but that our laws, cultural and societal mores, and practices would be informed by Judeo-Christian values."

I suppose this means the government should follow the precepts of Jesus and give all that it has to the poor.

The departments of Defense and Homeland Security should also be replaced by departments of Forgiveness and Turning the Other Cheek.


Gilead Road

Mount Pleasant

Power shift

GRITS: Girls Raised In The South.

Yes, but no.

Get Republicans In The Senate.

How's that "hope and change" working for you?

It's not for me.


Moss Court