Allison Napier is an Americorps VISTA member based in Charleston. As a beneficiary of the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, or food stamps, she monitors her food spending closely.

I had a Nature's Own Cinnamon Raisin bagel with Harris Teeter plain light cream cheese for breakfast. Then I had a V8 Splash and a banana. I have 25-ish dollars usually for a week, so sometimes breakfast can be repetitive: I'll buy English muffins or bagels and have them all week.

For lunch, I went out to Moe's and had a Joey's Jr. burrito with tofu, rice and lettuce. It's a smaller size than the regular one. They had the Coke machine there, so I got a Raspberry Minute Maid lemonade.

Usually on Monday or Sunday, I'll plan out what I want to make for dinners. This week, I'm going to make sweet potatoes, kale and chicken with Italian seasoning on it, and pasta with pesto. My mom makes the pesto for me, so I have a big thing of it saved up.

Last night, I made chicken spinach enchiladas. It's rotisserie chicken that I shred up in pieces with a salsa verde; I think Old El Paso is best. The chicken was the most expensive thing, for sure. I use a little bit of cream cheese and frozen spinach that I dry out, and I make it casserole style: Roll it up and put the sauce on top. That's how I deal with my budget, by making these big casseroles.

I have two roommates, so sometimes we share meals. With that casserole, we shared. And I'll have the leftovers tonight.

Hanna Raskin