Institute for Supply Management releases its manufacturing index for January.

U.S. Commerce Department releases construction spending for December.

Automakers release vehicle sales for January.


U.S. Commerce Department releases factory orders for December.

Oil giant BP, which owns a large chemical plant on the Cooper River, releases its annual results.


Institute for Supply Management releases its service sector index for January.


U.S. Labor Department releases weekly jobless claims and fourth-quarter productivity data.

U.S. Commerce Department releases international trade data for December.

Freddie Mac, the mortgage company, releases weekly mortgage rates.

Select chain retailers release January sales comparisons.

Daimler AG, which assembles Sprinter vans in North Charleston, reports earnings.


U.S. Labor Department releases employment data for January.

Federal Reserve releases consumer credit data for December.

Germany's Economy Ministry releases December industrial production figures for Europe's biggest economy and one of South Carolina's biggest trading partners.

Source: Associated Press