Now that the S.C. Legislature has given the governor more administrative control, it is time to pass legislation allowing the governor to appoint the adjutant general, the leader of our National Guard.

South Carolina is the only state that elects its adjutant general. We still use this antiquated method of electing the senior officer of our National Guard prevalent in the militia decades ago.

The adjutant general is responsible for the training and readiness of our National Guard members whose lives may one day depend on how well he performs these duties. He should not have to waste valuable time campaigning for election and raising money.

We are the only state which does not require qualifications for its adjutant general. Bills now in the S.C. House and Senate would require the adjutant general to possess education and professional requisites for federal recognition as a general, the same as any active duty general.

It is time to ensure only professionally qualified officers become the adjutant general. Give the governor the authority to select that officer. We owe that to the dedicated and professional members of the S.C. National Guard and to the citizens of South Carolina.

William H. Shackelford

Colonel (Retired)

S.C. Army National Guard

Douglas Street