Officials in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester County schools haven't yet decided whether students will have to make up the days missed this week because of snow.

All three districts have potential make-up days scheduled on the calendar, but the school boards in each respective district would have to approve a request for a waiver to not have to make up the days.

State law allows the General Assembly to waive make-up days, or it can authorize school boards to forgive up to three days missed because of extreme weather.

Charleston County School District has make-up days scheduled for March 28 and June 6. Erica Taylor, executive director of the district's Office of Strategy and Communications, said on Friday officials hadn't made any decision relative to the make-up days.

"Once we do, we can let you know," she said.

Schools Superintendent Nancy McGinley said Thursday that the district will consider whether any of its options interfere with plans families might already have made.

"We always need instructional time, so I think kids would benefit," she said.

Officials in Berkeley and Dorchester counties also said no decisions have been made regarding make-up days.

Berkeley County and Dorchester 2 both have June 2, 3 and 4 on their schedules as potential make-up days; Dorchester 4 has June 4, 5 and 6.